Hospitals - Alternatives

[Original Subject: alternatives to hospitals]

OK, I read the headlines and saw the picture of screaming guy in Friday’s

China post, now I need some good advice.

Considering this whole quarantine thing here, does anyone have any useful suggestions to obtaining medical care somewhere else? I see a dermatologist and get regular checkups at a general practioner…and I had plans to do both the day after I read the thing.

Apologies if this has been mentioned earlier in the dedicated SARS thread, but I think it’s best to have this information available as a quick resource for other visitors (and me). And, quite frankly, I got a little sick of the paranoid tone of the posts. If you’re afraid to die, then you should probably get off the damn computer and enjoy yourself (spoken in evil reverb voice) WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

IMHO, with all due respect, etc., of course.