Hospitals or clinics that do STI checks? 2021

Hello, anyone know of any clinics that test for general STI’s like Chlamydia etc and pricing?

I found one clinic but the pricing is like 8k for a simple chlamydia test.

Basically, any general clinic can do it. You pay by the test, so each test might be 200-300nt. They just take your blood and sends it to a hospital for results.

If you have symptoms, I think NHI covers it. It’s actually why Taiwanese don’t get checked up often, it’s only covered once you have symptoms.


Type in urology clinic to Google maps. Viola.

Most will have doctors that speak English. But check in staff might not.

They will do whatever tests they deem necessary like blood , swab, etc.

Probably need to return in couple days.

If pain then they will issue pain medicine, etc. immediately.

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There is the famous one around Ximen that lets you test anonymously for everything.

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