Hostel locations

Hey all

I’m planning a trip from taitung to Kenting, and am looking for a hostel in between the 2 points, somewhere around Dawu station or there abouts.
does anyone know of or have a listing of hostels available along the way?

also: if any of you happen to know the web address listing for taiwan temples that are willing to take in overnight travellers. I met up with a biker from hong kong that had printed out the full listing of temples from some chinese site. I stayed in the one at Hualien for $100NT, I asked her for forward me the site info but sadly she never did.

thanks a bunch

I know you can sleep at police stations…

In short, there is no hostel in Dawu or on that route. I think you should be able to make it to Kenting in 1 day though. Taitung to Dawu in any case is only 30km I think.

And it is not a nice ride. Better to take the train from Taitung to Dawu and then get onto the 199 as soon as possible. Then head to the coast to the 26 and then connect with the 200 down to Jialeshui. There is a guesthouse in Jialeshui with dorms.

As a reference, the loop from Checheng to the coast and down to Jialeshui and back to Checheng is 100km.