Hostel patrons

A good friend came to see me in TW for 4 weeks.

He stayed in a hostel near where I live. I went to visit him on several occasions, and I have to say, the people staying there looked pretty bad. They needed a shower with some soap at the very least. I have worked as a volunteer in a soup kitchen making soup and sandwiches for homeless people (most of them drug addicted) who looked better than the big noses I met there.

There was one guy who I met who was an alcoholic who had to be restrained by police on the night I met him (on the premises) for physically assaulting two women (one of them a staff member), and there was another guy I met who talked about various exploits against women and violence against women which I won’t mention here. They were both English teachers.

Are hostels the armpit of Taiwan, or is it (some of the) English teachers? Or both?

They’re probably that particular subset of English teachers who think they bought a ticket to Thailand.

You find all types in hostels.

Yeah, some of the Taipei hostels are pretty weird and I’ve read some bad letters from travellers over the years. Finding a long perfectly formed piece of human shit in the elevator was a memorable story. Would you mind telling me which one you looked at?

My girlfriend is an ex-employee at a hostel, and two nights ago she and I took a guy home who decided to sleep on the street two blocks away from his hostel, in front of an all-day breakfast shop. We offered to help the ambulance drivers and police translate for them, which they reluctantly accepted. They were going to cart him to the hospital.

She would tell me about how many men would hint that they were horny and lonely while she was around, as if to inspire a pity fuck. Apparently, it only taught her how to master this look of death that she gives to patrons who make those ridiculous moves.

I met some patrons there. Only some were creepy. Plenty were quite personable.

How much did the hostel cost? I try to avoid the cheapest ones and although I’ve stayed in some forgettable hostels I haven’t experienced this bottom rung of humanity. At least not in Taiwan.

He paid in the 15,000NT range for a month. Don’t want to say which one 'cos I don’t want a lawsuit from somebody.

One of the best hostels Ive stayed in was Homie Hostel in taipei, very clean, tidy. The guests that rent there are mainly from Japan, Korea and Canada. The host was super helpful and friendly, they even take you around taipei to the nice places when they have the time. In terms of price it’s reasonable.