Hot and pwned

The Aussie Commie wrote: [quote]hope his Obamaness will forgive me, but I do think her Obamaness is hot. [/quote]

No, Hillary is hot. Damn hot.

Then cold, damned cold. They’re called hot and cold flushes, and they’re normal for a woman her age.


Mccain was pwned! period

Two pages of flob guys going back and forth on the hotness of a Western woman…Lordy Change has com :discodance:

Fortigurn, I am an American redneck, up until now a Republican, also.
Am I glad to have a “negro” (your word’s), as my President?
Hell yes I am. I voted for him.
Not because he’s black or not black, because I think he is the right choice at this time.
Apparently, several of my countrymen, and most of the world, agree with that.
When I was in the military, our Top General was a black man. He was a damn fine leader and I was proud to serve under him, did it matter that he was a “negro”, not one damn bit.

Fuck race, fuck skin color, fuck nationality, fuck sex, fuck any other judgments on a person, except what they are inside. I believe the man can get the job done.
That is way I look at.


Fuck sex? :laughing:


Fuck sex? :laughing:


Apparently there were a whole bunch of obama babies made last night.
Obama Baby = A child conceived after Obama was proclaimed President by way of celebratory sex