Hot Dogs!

Anyone know of a place that serves hotdogs…I have been itchin for one for the longest time, but never see them around. Sure corndogs are everywhere, but I want a hotdog!

Costco has the best. 50NT for hotdog and drink and then you can put the toppings you want. They have ketchup, mustard, kraut, onions, and relish.

As a fellow Chicagoan, I can feel your hunger pains in my bones! Costco has something tasting…well, it works in the mean while, and the Chilli dog at MOS …well works in the meanwhile. But nothing beats a VIENNA BEEF DOG!!!

Ahhh, Portillo’s, Halsted st, Devil Dogs… :lovestruck: :wall:

I saw a thread in the Restaurants forum that a hot dog place (doggerie?) opened up.

Mos Burger has got good hotdogs…

some of these pseudo-japanese coffee shops have nice franks as well… a bit on the small side… but nice tasting… Doutor Coffee, Brunch Cafe… both are quite good… but you have to tell em not to put ketchup and mayo on them… ask them for the special brown mustard packets that they have and are reluctant to give out as they’re imported from Japan… nice mustard is that… :slight_smile:

There are these guys from S.A in KHH that do f’n great dogs… they’ll send em to you if you buy enuff of em i think…

0925179696 Johan… they sell by the kilo…



Gusto hot dogs on Rui-an Street just north of Heping East Road near the intersection with Jianguo South. Very nice hot dogs and toppings. I was just there the other week.