Hot drinks from vending machines in Taiwan, where?

We give all seen the scene where Keiichi Morisato gives Belldandy that can of coffee after that long cold night.
Since that time I’ve always wanted to get a hot beverage from a machine.
Lucky Day Taiwan has those machines but they’re all set to the cold option. I live in southern Taiwan.
Are there any machines anywhere that dispense hot beverages at least during the winter? Please let me know I may make a special trip.

And stop before you tell me you can get them from the hot box at 7-Eleven I know and I do. It’s not the same.


I doubt it. Wintertime in southern Taiwan is perfect for a nice cold beverage.


At least in northern Taiwan (Taipei), there are some machines which have blue buttons for the cold drinks and red buttons for the hot ones.


The only places where I found vending machines dispensing hot canned coffee (韋恩咖啡/Wincafe; 藍山/Blue Mountain) were in the rest stops on Freeways. Like qwert_zuiop said, they will have red buttons indicating they’re hot!

Remember these vending machines at camp sites in more remote locations. A true blessing to wake up to a hot can of Mr. Brown’s coffee.

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First I think just have to find vending machines.

I don’t really notice them on the streets much in Taipei except places where one might be needed like in the middle of a big park and then cold drinks mostly water.

This one?



What is this?

I remember seeing a coffee vending machine inside the Sanduo Shopping District MRT station in Kaohsiung. I have never used it and don’t know if it’s still there. I believe it dispenses cups not cans though.

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Well my apartment building had a machine that dispensed coffee, milk tea, and Coco drinks but it disappeared after a few months (maybe it’s only available in winter? But they also got rid of the 711 machine so…)

It’s not in your locale, but for anyone who’s in the area, there’s a hot-drinks machine just outside the HongShuLin LRT (just next to the little library) that does surprisingly good coffee. I mean, not great coffee, but a lot better than you’d expect from a machine.

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Still there. Near Exit 4.


There’s a bunch of cake vending machine in mrt stations too. If you play portal on it and beat the game, you get a free cake.

But you will be baked and there will be cake.


Thanks for all these machines which is good. But still I’m only interested in the traditional machine that offers hot drinks that Keiichi Morisato offered Belldandy.
I tried getting a better screenshot but for some reason the recent update made getting exact screenshots from YouTube on the phone nightmare.
In the YouTube app the single not let me get into the screenshot menu without jittering or turn back into small screen. In the browser app I get a few minutes to work a few minutes to work
And scroll with the timeline but then everything freezes. I used to screenshot all the time. Updates freaking are downgrades

You provided a blurry screenshot of two anime characters sitting on a bench. Where’s the machine?

BTW I’m sure screenshots are working just fine on your phone. It’s a user error.

On Android, hold power and vol down buttons. On iPhone, hold power and vol up buttons.