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金曲獎 Jīn Qǔ Jiǎng

金曲奖是中华民国规模最大的音乐奖,与金马奖、金钟奖并称为台湾三大娱乐奖。 1990年开始举办,第1届至第22届由中华民国行政院新闻局主办,第23届之后由中华民国文化部影视及流行音乐产业局主办。现今颁奖典礼约于每年5、6月间举行,分为传统暨艺术音乐作品类(简称传艺类)与流行音乐作品类(简称流行类)两大类别,两者分开颁奖。因为台湾在华语流行音乐产业的领导地位,使得金曲奖成为年度华语流行歌曲的重要指标。

The Golden Melody Awards (simplified Chinese: 金曲奖; traditional Chinese: 金曲獎; pinyin: Jīn Qǔ Jiǎng) is an annual Taiwanese music award, founded in 1990, presented by theGovernment Information Office (GIO). It is usually presented in May, June or July each year and presented for music in Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, and Taiwan’s aboriginal languages. It is the Taiwanese equivalent to the Grammy Awards. It is also one of the three major annual awards presented in Taiwan along with Golden Bell Awards for television production and Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards for movies and films.
There are two main streams of categories: Popular Music Category (流行音樂作品類) and Traditional Music Category (傳統暨藝術音樂作品類) and are presented at separate ceremonies.
Taiwan’s music leader role played in Chinese pop music industry makes Golden Melody Awards become a key index.
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It’s no longer presented by the GIO since the GIO doesn’t exist anymore. :wink:

Special congratulations to rapper Miss Ko (of course I’m saying this because I know her personally, but I also think she’s quite talented).