Hot pot appliance for home

I know the forum’s very divided on hot pot as a meal style and there are a lot of people who hate it or like it only under very specific circumstances. But for the ones who like it enough to purchase their own hot pot appliance for enjoying the meal at home, what brand and style did you pick, and how do you like it?

It’s much more comfortable to be able to eat hot pot at home and away from the noisy, steamy environment. Plus with this plague shit going down I’m more inclined to cook and eat my meals at home than ever before. So it just makes good sense to me to get one. And if or when the plague goes away, it’ll be nice for dates and little dinner parties.


The ones with the acrylic heating unit that doesn’t get hot works well. I have no idea what principle it uses but it seems to only heat a pan placed directly on it by some kind of convection. Easy to clean and store.

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After trying numerous options, we finally settled on a huge earthenware pot and electric hot plate.
You have to cook the soup on the stove first
When the hot plate craps out, it’s shit cheap to replace

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Induction 電磁爐?


Same here, although that was many years ago and I think my ex inherited it. Electric hob plus heavy pot definitely works best.

The thing about cooking your own is that it’s a complete pain in the ass to get all the ingredients (especially if you’re making your own stock) and it never turns out quite like the huo guo shops. So after that initial burst of enthusiasm, I’ve never really bothered trying it again.

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My wife gets a kind of hot pot ready kit from a local restaurant. She then boils it up at home.

I don’t see the point, but then I don’t see the point of hot pot.

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I get an induction hot plate…

they work well for hot pot, in fact I think it’s made for hot pot.

However for real cooking I get a real 3500 watt induction plate… sorry but the 110v ones just ain’t going to do the job. I got them from Taobao where it’s cheaper, but it saves me from having to pay for gas deliveries (they get expensive).

Like this? My cousin sent this one to me as a suggestion but it’s quite pricey.

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My aunt suggested a 金剛爐不挑鍋. Google results suggest that this is a fancy kind of hot plate.

Option paralysis is getting to me now. Maybe I’ll just ask for a hot pot home setup for my birthday and take whatever I get. It’s coming up soon enough anyway.

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Zojirushi is best


that looks like about NTD 4000

Not sure about price because I got mine on New year lottery but it’s excellent. I take frozen soup base and melt it in this pot over gas stove in 5 minutes. Afterwards continue cooking on dining table using electric base with nice regulation.

Oh that looks really nice. About how big is it? I don’t want a big clunker that’s hard to store.

It’s quite large…I keep mine on top of fridge… If you don’t have much space then those electric induction stove will be better

Definitely a 電磁爐 yes, but mine is quite thin and square compared to that one. I’ll try to look for something similar

If going for a hot plate, I would suggest looking at these. Tatung seems reliable.


Looking at the same thing! My wife keeps nagging about it, being a hot pot fan. The dedicated units look nice but I can’t help but feel they’re a bit of a waste as all they can do is hotpot. Thinking of an induction plate although it probably will also only be used for hotpots plus need to be sure the hotpot suitable pots we have will work with the induction plate. Also interested to hear what others are using!

I buy job lots of stock and dipping sauces whenever I visit China, haven’t found any we like in Taiwan to date. Suggestions are welcome!

Tatung is a good brand. I’ve seen these exact hot plates in many a home.

Going over the same things in my head. I ultimately decided that realistically, I’ll only use the thing for at home hot pot, so I might as well keep it simple for myself and just get a dedicated hot pot rig.

Yeah, something like that.

You’re running a three phase induction plate or pulling over 16amps on 220V? :scream:

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