Hot spring - easy to get to from Taipei

Will be arriving in Taipei soon for a week or so (may be in Tainan some of the time). I wouldlike to visit a hot spring - not a private hotel room but a public place. Would prefer all male I think. Have seen information about a few places but which ones are easiest to get to? Any recommendations? Are they open all day/evening during the week? And are there secure lockers to leave clothes etc?

XinBeitou, 5 min walk up the hill from the local metro stop (a sidebranch of the main red line). Public, outside, mixed bathing (wear speedos or similar and a haircap) Cheap! three hot temperatures baths (warm, hot and scalding) and cold plunge pools, shower facilities available.

Wulai, long bus trip from XinDian metro station, and an aboriginal village with much good food, public open air baths are a bit primitive down on the other side of the river, but there are many many private bath houses in the village too. best on a weekday.

Thanks - very helpful. Sounds like Beitou will be easiest although I would prefer all male/naked place. But I think I will find travelling around difficult and may not have time to get to Wulai. I’ve been to hot springs in Budapest but they were indoors - will be interesting to try the Taiwan version.

If you really want all-male, totally-naked bathing, you can go to Sparty. It is also called Tang Dynasty Spa. It’s in Bali (near Danshui) and during the summer has the (Bashien Leyuen) Waterpark.

My family has been there three times in the last three months. Most of the spa is mixed, but they have about 20 pools and a section for nude bathing with people of your own sex.
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