Hot Springs in Peitou

Can I enjoy any of the Peitou area hotel spa/sauna facilities without booking a room? Any recommendations? Also, will the hot spring museum and public pool be open next week?

I am sure you could enjoy it without booking a room. Check this website to get info. of Peitou and it’s hot springs

Thanks for that website. That was exactly what I was looking for. And here’s an update for anybody else that’s interested in hot springs fun:

You can take MRT to Hsin Peitou and splash around in your bathing suit at the Peitu Hot Springs museum public pool for about 40NT, or spend pricey time at the more private and luxurious facilities in one of the nearby hotels (250-1000NT depends).

OR, you can take the MRT to Shipai station and ride the 508 or 536 bus up Hsingi Road to a cluster of nice, but reasonably-priced restaurants with attached, no-frills bathhouses. You can have a private sulfur bath for about 100NT. With a 250-500 NT lunch, it’s free. At the top of the hill you can visit the LuengfungGu visitor center and learn about the ancient volcanos that formed the hot springs. There are wonderful views of steamy pools in the ashen valleys below too. Some of the restaraunts have outdoor eating areas with nice views of the lush hills–and the fresh air! Ahhhh…

I hope somebody else finds this useful. Have fun!