Hot towel shave Taipei

Where is recommended? Came across a promising one in Ximen, but at 1000 we are talking London prices which seem a bit steep for Taiwan?

London services, London prices. How much is a good burger in Taipei? Basically the same price as any good burger in the US.

All the ones I know are about 1k. It’s a luxury in Taipei.

OK fair enough, applies to others sectors also, fex local craft beer is strangely more expensive than UK craft beer (in UK) despite lower taxes and labour cost.

So anyway, does anyone know a recommended spot?

Kinda like people who expect London service at Thailand prices just because of location.

Like someone who thinks my guitars are worth a lot less simply because of location.

Fex some years ago tried Craftmanship in Keelung-lu, very pro service.

Hi there, I am looking for a traditional barber in Taipei particularly one that can give me a traditional shave . Can anybody help me ?

I go here.