Hotel Closure until 28 May all of Taiwan?

Just got an hotel around Qingjing Farm cancelled for this weekend and they told me that they just received an government notice to stay closed until 28.05. Any more to this? So I assume this applies to all of Taiwan, because they are not really a risk zone there afaik.
I do not think there was even a case so far in Nantou…

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Just announced at the press conference today:


We are In the middle of pandemic outbreak. Not supposed to be leaving the city if possible, especially for leisure

Oh damn, all country level 3. Well I kinda expected something like this. Wonder how the hotel knew about it already at 13:20 when they called me. Wonder if I can still eat out in restaurant tonight or it will be takeway only… Damn, I though I still make some nice trip before flying out on Tuesday.

Thinking about camping instead then… If your far enough away from the population, it is gonna be allright (and away from the west coast, there are many unhabitated areas, not thinking about camping close to Taipei).

Man, just don’t move for now is my recommendation

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things may get bad before it gets better. Our experience in the bay area has been back to business as usual for hotels , except for wearing of masks in public areas, only one person or one family per elevator and the closure of many hotel gyms and pools.

In the beginning of the pandemic we saw all hotels close to anyone other than first responders as we were all not allowed to travel outside of our county. HOtels were to turn away all those who were NOT first responders so i guess business trips were pretty much cancelled.

We shut down in March of 2020 and now its May of 2021 and we are pretty much back to normal in many areas.

Gyms and pools are starting to open to restricted sizes. Restaurants allowed to open to 50pct capacity in many places. Even movie theatres are starting to open to restricted sizes.

And now to encourage the vaccinations many states are allowing those who are fully vaccinated to forgo wearing masks both outdoors and indoors.

Look, if you have been to Europe last year - you would know that things will get worse. And you would know that outdoor activities are not a problem at all. That includes sleeping in hotels on the countryside. They may cancel the buffet but it will not change. Taiwan Zero Case strategy has failed, we will not get that back. I have not seen the announcement about level 3 nationwide yet - so is it from midnight? From now?

I sure will splurge tonight if still possible. Restaurants right now are empty anyhow - two days ago at a usually packed Michelin restaurant in Taichung two out of maybe 60 tables taken…

I planned to fly out Tuesday next week. Had a nice weekend with a girl planned (damn would really miss that weekend with her). Gonna check up later tonight if we still go ahead and switch to camping, otherwise I will rebook to Friday or Sunday this week to fly back. Good think that I can reschedule my flight for free…

Last year I got stuck on my way to Taiwan for my plane being 85 minutes after the cut off time to enter Taiwan. Do not want to get stuck in a similar way on my way back to Europe this year (that 85 minutes was my only scheduling mistake after I had heard from friends in Wuhan about the virus on 19. January and figured travel is still possible for around 2 more months)

Yes outdoor activities are fine, but the optics of a foreigner camping in the middle of a crisis is awful.

As for eating in a restaurant, basically the same

well I’m gonna be together with a Taiwanese girl anyhow. Haha. And I am proud of giving bad optics but instead listening to science, cause this caring about image is what brought us into this hole.
Anything indoors should be regulated tight as **** if there are more than say 1 person per 25², but UV light kills covid19 very efficiently, outdoors there are next to zero infections (less than 1% most likely) and being outdoors helps your immune system. If people now spend 2 months at home, not doing sports, not going into the sun, the consequences will be way worse.
Damn without obese people and people lacking time in the sun, maybe this virus would have never spread and then mutated to be more aggressive. Now with being at home only we will get even more obese people and more serious problems in the long term.

It’s an aerosol infection, not a droplet infection! So longer time without much air exchange gets you sick. Remember that and give a **** on optics. Stay safe by knowing what is dangerous and what not.

Yup. I was originally planning to do a week-long road trip around the island, but I’m staying put just as we all should be doing.

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Yeah, but we have to live here man. Everyone was advised not to 亂跑 at least for the moment

So, are hotels closed?

Except for the quarantine hotels, oh wait …

I couldn’t find anything in the news that hotels have been ordered closed.

It seems to depend If they consider themselves essential business…

well It seems some stay open. Going to 5 star hotels bars was kinda the only way to be in a bar tonight. They did not serve alcohol though so behaved like a cafe.
There seems some leeway so some hotels are actually staying open even though there is level 3, the majority is closing down.

I’d be shocked if anything actually opened up (hotels, schools, whatever) on May 29th. It’s an arbitrary date the DPP pulled out of their ass and they will keep extending it, because there’s no way this is under control by the end of next week.


It’s what happened in the U.S. during early parts of pandemic.

Americans all went to the beaches and countryside and mountains, and the locals were all mad, because the “tourists” were buying all the alcohol wipes, toilet paper, etc. from what few country stores there were in the tourist spots. So, governors started “mandating” people to not go to those areas, as supplies for locals were running out.
Taiwanese just doing the same thing that went on elsewhere in the world in 2020.
Taiwan’s pandemic and societal actions are just following the same blueprint.

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yes of course - human are still similar. If you can you move countryside. It is much better location for a lockdown and once you are off the beaten path no one cares about masks or not and so on. Stay in Qingjing farm or some other high altitude place and enjoy the cooler weather instead of the humid heat in the cities.
Just load your car full of supplies before going…