Hotel for Two Months?

I’ve been asked to come to NTU to guest teach for two months next spring.

As part of the package the department has offered me, they sent me a couple of links to two hotels: The Howard Hotel and the Leader Hotel. Even with the “special NTU discounts”, by the time I might pay for them my money will be gone and that leaves nothing for food.

Having said that, I do think that for my needs, a modern, clean place is really what I want so I can concentrate on the teaching. And Internet access with quiet is much to be desired. : )

So, my question to the viewer is: are there other places I could web access and look at? Are there hotels you would recommend for short stays? I have a good friend in the department and will contact her as well for suggestions, but I thought it would be fun to hear what others might say.


Contact the guys at Mandarin Hostel. They have two apartments they rent rooms in–i am staying there now.

Cost is 3,000NT per week.

website is --pretty sure.

They also have a studio in Guting -I think.

Also, Senator Hotel charges 5,000 per week or 15,000 per month–not as nnice as Mandarin

Senator Hotel
83 Chang An W Rd
(02) 2558 6511

good luck

I’ve heard good things about Mandarin Hostel. Apparently it’s nicer and more homey than the other hostels in Taipei, and certainly cheaper than a hotel. One of the managers/owners was in my Chinese class at TLI and he was a very nice fellow. Check it out!

Edit: Hey! Looks like someone snuck in a post ahead of me. Oh well. That’s 2 votes for Mandarin Hostel then.

Mandarin Hostels are good, yes, though it depends on the OP needs. The Leader and Howard are top end places. MH rooms are typical Taiwanese apartment rooms (though they have them painted nice bright colors and not hospital white), with minimum furnishings. You’ll also be sharing the apartment (but not your room) with a few others. Great places for someone young coming to get set up, but maybe not for someone a little older looking for a step up in comfort. The Leader btw, has very big rooms (I think about the largest standard rooms in Taipei), and great beds.

There is another thread about this somewhere. I think bu lai en wrote about a good hotel he put his family up for a few weeks.

What’s the budget?

Many people renting rooms will consider renting to you on a short-term basis. I had very good luck with kind responses to my inquries along those lines for a 1-month rental (although in the end a friend came up with free accomodations for me, thanks! you know who you are!!) You could try just answering some ads that sound like the environment might be what you want. It might be nice to have some people around nights and weekends – you can only concentrate on teaching so much! :smiley:

A friend with connections helped me get a fantastic room when I first arrived for 1100NT a day ($34US), but you can try to negotiate off a couple hundred. Located across the street from the Hyatt (bus #31 from the airport), the window has a view of Taipei101! You get two single beds, high speed internet, air cond., cable TV, mini fridge with free water bottles, bath, plenty of tissue, towels, washing machine in building, and it’s very clean inside; basically a 3-star hotel room. 5 minute walk to Sun Yat-Sin MRT, 5 minutes from Taipei101 and all that shopping --I stayed for a couple of weeks and was much impressed.

The owner has multiple rooms. To ask about a room, email Mr. Allen: