Hotels and Guest Houses Near the Bangkok TECO

I have searched but have had very little success so please bear with me if this has been asked before.

I am looking for a nice guest house that has private rooms or an inexpensive nice hotel to stay in while I Visa run for 1 week to Bangkok. I would prefer it to be as close to the Bangkok TECO as possible. Your input / advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I believe that office is in the Empire Bldg, which is in sort of an upscale area. It is actually on the subway, so I would just concentrate on finding something cheap near a subway line. I would check out’s Bangkok section, find a place in your budget, preferably in the Sathorn area near the Empire Bldg, then NOT make your reservation via Asiatravel’s site, but just directly with the hotel. Hope this helps.

Is Bangkok a good placeto make a visa run? They once gave me two weeks going back to Taiwan. That was a long time ago, but it does seem that I’ve heard they hassle people. Anybody know?

I always thought the people at the TECO office were friendlier than the people in the office in, say, Hong Kong. Plus, BKK seemed to be cheaper than HK and have great food, etc. So, I always tried to go to BKK for visas, and I never had any problems with the office in BKK, though things there could have changed since I was last there (more than three years ago).

The Bangkok TECO office is in one of the most expensive parts of Bangkok. You will only need to go there twice – once to apply for the visa and once to pick it up. There is really no need to stay close to there. The office is very close to the Chong Nonsi BTS (sky train) station so it is easy to get there. Also taxis are very cheap in Bangkok. Don’t be afraid to use them, just be sure they use the meter.

I suggest Soi Kasemsen 1 for good quality budget accommodation in Bangkok. The location is unbeatable. It is right next to the National Stadium BTS Station, MBK and Siam Square. There are about ten small hotels and guest houses there. Mostly in the price range 500-1,000 baht.

If you are looking for something cheaper then go to Kao San Road. A huge amount of choice there. To get to the TECO office from Kao San Road take the ferry along the river to Thaksin Bridge (aka Sathorn Pier) and then take the Sky Train.

If you would like any further recommendations or advice post here or send me a pm.

I’d definitely stay down near Khao San, ideally on Phra Arthit Road. Phra Arthit runs along the river, sort of. It’s my faviourite street in Bangkok. Khao San itself is quite good too these days.

One of my preferred old haunts is the Phra Arthit Mansions, at 800 baht a night it’s more expensive than a three star up in Sukhomvit, but way better. There’s loads of great little bars and eatieries along Phra Arthit and further down on Samsen is the Ad Here the 13th, a brilliant little blues bar. It’s tiny, so best to get there fairly early. Pong, the guitarist and owner, is a great guy and a great guitarist. If you’re lucky, you may be met by Georgia, a large predatory lesbian with a divine gift for singing the blues. Her voice gets better the more she drinks.
Here’s another review.

Don’t be surprised by the steady stream of Thai musicians coming in to wai khru (pay respect to a teacher) khun Pong, he’s a legend.

Phra Arthit Mansions is almost directly over the road from the first stop on the airport bus to Khao San. Alternatively it’s around 300 baht by taxi. In fact, taxis are cheap in Bangkok. Get them whenever you get off the skytrain or new MRT thingee.