Hotels and Heat

Does anyone know if the larger hotels in Taipei have heat? We all know most places do not have central heating, but I am wondering if the hotels do? Anyone know for sure? And if so which ones do and which ones don’t?


Most large commercial buildings in Taiwan do have central climate control systems. I mean you don’t see window units hanging outside the windos at Sogo or the Hyatt. I’d presume heat would be included, especially in the hotels.

The small hotel I stayed in at Alishan last week had storage heaters in the rooms. Lovely!

Hey hey! That’s a first! I have stayed in several mountain areas during the winter here and this is the first time I have heard one having a hearter! That’s nice to know!

Any hotels up in the mountains have fireplaces? Probably not.

Okay so what about mid-range hotels like the ones mentioned here?

I’m looking right now for hotels or cabins in the mountains with fireplaces, but I’m not at all optimistic. I’ll post any info I can dig up.

They don’t even have @@@@@@@@ heaters in Matsu! :x

I am freezing my ass of here …