Hotels for overnight stay in kuala lumpur

any suggestions on some hotels for an overnighter in kl? not too expensive, just something clean and safe.

i know most are quite some way from the airport. does anyone know of any hotels closer besides the ones at the airport itself?


Google for hotels in Putrajaya or Cyberjaya, those areas are closest to the airport.
There was only one hotel in Cyberjaya a few years back but the area underwent heavy development, so perhaps there are more now (the Cyberlodge Hotel would probably blow your budget by far if they have maintained their price level).

Can’t really answer your question, but since the KLIA Airport Expres train line has opened, it’s only a 28-minute train ride from KL Central Station to the airport, and there are plenty of cheap hotels downtown. Of course the train ride is RM 35 each way (about US9). If money is the main issue, this still doesn’t solve your problem, but convenience needn’t be an issue anymore.

One website I recommend is Its got great deals on hotels in many Asian countries. I even used it to book a room at the Grand Hotel in Taipei once.

Hi there,

What is your definition of ‘not too expensive’? I have stayed in some really lousy hotels in Europe for a min USD50/nite but you can go VERY far with that amount in Malaysia.

If you can affort USD50/nite, then you shud just try the Concorde Inn which is in the vicinity of KLIA. You can of course cheaper/budget accomodation in KL but then you need time/effort/$$ to travel there. So if you have the time, it’s also a good idea cos if you haven’t been there before this is a good opportunity.

Sepang, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya are all not very exciting towns. Nothing’s there except the F1 race track & airport, government buildings and hi-tech companies (in that order).

As an overnighter, I’d just go with a place that would offer me a comfortable place and a buffet breakfast before hopping on the plane back to Taiwan.

And thanks to mlpqd, you’ve found it with the Concorde Inn Kuala Lumpur. They offer a room with complimentary buffet breakfast for RM210 which is ~ NTD 2100.

Thanks for the tip mlpqd.

Always a pleasure to help out other fellow travellers…