Hotels near THSR stations

Other than bringing a tent and sleeping bag, between Hsinchu THSR station and Tainan THSR station, inclusive, are there any hotels within walking distance of a THSR station?

If not within walking distance, any with a free shuttle service? (There’s a hotel in Taichung that advertises a “shuttle service” to the Wuri THSR if (1) you pay for 3 room/nights and (2) you pay a shuttle fee. What a deal.)

Well… it appears that there are NO hotels within walking distance of THSR stations from Hsinchu south. THSR stations to the north of Hsinchu have such hotels, but apparently not to the south.

Were I a hotel chain owner, I would put one at Wurih station, the only collocated THSR/TRA station from Hsinchu south.

If you ask this question again in a few years you might get a positive response. The HSR has only been in operation for less than two years. There are plans for significant developments and the creation of new urban centres around the stations, but progress looks to be quite slow.

The entire area west of Hsinchu THSR station is newly developed, but no hotel. I think the fix is in.

It was in construction for ages.

What’s the point, though? HSR was built on the premise that it is fast so if you you have to go somewhere icky down south, you can get back up to Taipei before sundown, wasn’t it?

The London/New York perspective on the WORLD, extended to Taiwan.
What if the Dutch had stayed… we would have bikeways all over the island, but no THSR. Thalys does about 100 kph in most of the NL, like a crippled giant lumbering through Delft.

The boy with the pearl bicycle.


There are free shuttle buses to the city centre from ALL HSR stations south of Banqiao - sure you’ll find a hotel in any of these cities!

Am I alone in feeling a shudder of deep physical and existential pain at those three little words?

“free shuttle buses”?
“south of Banqiao”?
“find a hotel”?

The first, I was referring to, but, yes, the second works. The third, I’m strangely ok with.

The Official Reply to my question to THSR CS about hotels WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE:

For hotel information near our stations, please refer to the following websites:

Hsinchu:  [ ... sinchu.htm](

Taichung: [ ... ichung.htm](

Chiayi: [ ... chiayi.htm](

Tainan: [ ... tainan.htm](

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. 
Taiwan High Speed Rail
Customer Service Center

Of course, NONE of the listed hotels are within walking distance, but I appreciate the fact that I received a response. Some of the listed hotels even have a “free shuttle bus” for which you pay a fee.

BTW, none of the THSR stations have “left luggage service” (aka “luggage storage”).