Hotmail account settings

I upgraded my Hotmail account to 2000 MB over a year ago and I pay a yearly fee for that which apparently goes to a small US-based company in Redmond, Washington.

I realize that gmail is free, but I do not find gmail’s handling of Chinese characters to be 100% stable. In my impression, hotmail is about 97.5% stable in handling Chinese, gmail is less than 80%. I must footnote this to say that my screens for hotmail and gmail are set up to be in the English language. (Maybe “American English” is the more correct nomenclature, but this seems to be the flavor of English language screens provided by the hotmail and gmail people, and they only refer to it as “English”.)

After providing this background information, I would like to ask a question about hotmail settings. My intent in upgrading my hotmail service to 2000 MB was to keep all old email on the server for quite a length of time, for reference. I have over 150 pages of email on my hotmail account.

As of about three weeks ago, there was a clear statement on each page (somewhere near the upper right corner of the screen) that this is page # so and so of a total number of pages. So, if I was on page 15, that would say –

15 of 165

Also, my Inbox notation had a number next to it denoting number of unread emails …

Well, anyway, somehow I seem to have turned the page number indicator OFF, and the unread email indicator OFF. I have gone through the settings, etc. pages but I cannot seem to find where the toggles for these are and I am wondering if any of the power users out there in land can give me some pertinent advice in solving this problem. Thank you.

hi richard,

not sure why you are paying to get 2GB on hotmail,
when it’s free already, just sign up for the new live mail
here: … cale=en-us

there’s a language setting where you can choose between
english and chinese

I dont have the problem of page/unread issue, so upgrading
might solve your problem and you can switch back to old hotmail

good luck,