Hotmail mail but cannot open it

I just got an email from a friend in Taipei and the subject line shows that it’s FROM MISS CHANG, but there is no blue link to OPEN the letter up!

Does this sometimes happen with hotmail. I have a 2K letter in my mailbox, but there is no blue print letters to click on and open it. How in the world does this happen?

And is there any other way to open it up? Save get a scissors and tear it open!

You could try contacting hotmail, there may be an answer in their FAQ section, but it sounds to me like it could just be spam, or the whole message never got to your mailbox.

Ok, I think I’ve had that before, myself.

  1. the sender’s name is blank because she forgot, but of course you need to click on the sender’s name to open the email, NOT the subject. That’s hotmail. In the case, where there’s nosender, just look for a space character and click on that area where it SHOULD be. It worked for me once.

  2. Use Outlook Express to retrieve it. Set up your hotmail account via OE5 or 6. It’s pretty easy and self explanatory.