Houdong River bicycle trail in Yilan near Jiaoxi

This is a short but good cycling path along the Houdong River. One stretch of the bike path has really beautiful scenery. And you can park your bke and make a 15 minute walk up to the Houdong Waterfall. The path is very close to the Jiaoxi/Toucheng highway overpass.I describe how to find the bike path in my Yilan travel blog:

scenicyilan.blogspot.com/2010/08 … -path.html

Sweet blog. I wish I had more resources when I lived there; everything I discovered was from noodling around on my scooter. You should do a write-up on Xinliao Waterfall (新寮瀑布) in Dongshan, which is really fantastic when it’s devoid of people during the week (weekends can be a bit crowded).

Great blog Yilanguru! My wife and I will be in Taiwan at the end of the year and we plan to spend a couple of days in Jiaoxi. Your blog gave me some good info. Any recommendations for sunrise photos?