House Music

Finally found some good music. once a month there is an event at 2nd floor in the vip room. House all night by saucey and Shawn. its good. this friday april 26th.

Hi esp/saucey,

It is great that you are getting out there DJing. I saw your post in the DJ wanted thread.

I like house music and wouldn’t mind going out for a dance, but I would be much more inclined to go and listen to you if you were upfront that you are the DJ. From your post ‘Finally found some good house music’ makes it sound like you are stoked that you just stumbled across yourself.

Unless what you mean is that you had a cr*p music selection when you were previously DJing, and you ‘finally’ found some new house music in a local music store, hence the reason for your posting.

Too funny…

But anyway, ESP can you tell us what kind of house you play? I’m more interested in classic, old school house.

I encourage everyone who likes house music to hit Citrus at 2nd Floor Friday night. The music is good and the vibe is ok too.

In the interest of full disclosure I should now mention that I have seen Saucey in a social setting on at least three different occasions over the last six months. On those occasions I may have conversed with him on the subject of electronic music. However, I want to make it absolutely clear that he is not compensating me in any way for my touting Citrus this weekend.

damn saucey, you’re so busted…

to be fair, esp/saucey’s not completely biased in saying “finally.” those of us from abroad are usually surprised when the local taiwanese, who like sappy love songs most of the time, end up head-shaking to super hard psycho trance when they go clubbing. they obviously have a different way of treating the clubbing experience and although i respect it, i can’t hang with it.

we started citrus cuz we wanted to create a vibe that was more like the house parties that we’re used to. and ‘finally’ we hooked up with a club that gave us the freedom to do that. you don’t know how tough it was to convince everyone involved that people will actually get off on music under 140bpm.

i used to play in new york and my records are mostly old-school club vinyl/shelter/pre-corrupted-body&soul house. masters at work, kerri chandler, francois k…with some bob sinclar disco tracks and minimal detroit/chicago shit.

saucey’s music sucks. i will be battling him all night. saucey will be crying by the end. come watch saucey take a lesson in mixing.

so here’s the shameless plug: CITRUS. Friday 4/26 (and last Friday of every month) 11pm-5am @ Second Floor, Hoping West Rd. Sec.1 #15. NT500 includes drink and promotional jello shots.


ps. maryjane and SCL, e-mail me your full names and i’ll put you on the guest list for citrus tomorrow night:

pps. i’m kidding about saucey sucking. sort of

Wow! im glad someone is keeping a close eye on things in oriented! You guys are good! anyways…mabye im a little modest and didnt want to be completely forthright with my skills (?) or lack thereof according to my partner in crime! anyways…the style is house… straight up. it crosses different areas of house depending on the crowd. come down and check it out.

hanging head with shame

House music event this Saturday May 11:

At Deep…


Er… that link just takes you to a blank page with the words “Velvet Curve” on it…

Btw, thanks for the offer Busted, sorry I didn’t see your message in time.

I’m a big fan of old skoolers like Kerri Chandler, Francois K and MAW too (though IMO MAW are a pale shadow of what they used to be). And like you I’m not a big fan of trance. But I do like some of the harder stuff out there now, like Pete Heller and Superchumbo.

It would be fun to hang sometime. Let me know when the next event is.