Household Registration

I am returning to Taiwan in January as a married man.
I’m currently going through the JFRV process.
I married her here in the States while we were in graduate school.
It was kind of a “hush hush” courthouse wedding that her folks didn’t know about. We had been together for a few years, and she was going to graduate before me. We wanted her to stay so did the marriage thing.
Anyway, we are trying to get me back to Taiwan now and have a “real” wedding. Problem is, we’re trying to do it without her parents knowing we already tied the knot.
My concern is, she lives with her parents (will be moving in with me when I arrive), so how can we do the household registration thing without them knowing?
Will they know if she adds me to their household registration? I’m assuming yes. Could we be added to one of her friends household registrations, even if we aren’t living there?
I am trying to get it all taken care of before I come.


Unless she has a separate HH to her parents then yes the next time they get a new HH they would see the change. Also to get married here you need a certificate to show you are currently … ahem… single. Since you are now married you cannot do that. So just get your marriage Cert notarized and translated into Chinese and bring to your TECO. However you can have the “public Wedding” at a restaurant where you invite all your new family in Taiwan to a wedding banquet. You’ll need some whities like us to make up the numbers so please give us an invite. It’s quite common for wedding guests to contribute little red envelopes stuffed full of cash that will cover the banquet and more. Your US marriage will be recognized here.

She might as well just let them know she’s married as they are going to find out sooner or later. Good luck on your new adventure with the in laws and living in Taiwan. We hope to see all your posts on adapting and assimilation over here. It’s quite easy.

Yes, that’s about the best advice. However, if they kick their feet in for a siege, they could try and stop her from adding the OP to the HHR. So, it may be better for her to get her own HHR first, before telling them.

And before the Taiwanese bashing begins, if my daughter came back from graduate studies in a foreign country with a husband we hadn’t met before, I’d be pissed beyond consolation. Might be best to pretend you aren’t married yet and “ask permission” and see how that goes. I’d suggest she gets her own HHR, yes she can register with someone else. Get your JFRV stuff done. Ask for permission to get married without letting them know you’re already married, and do it here for them like it never happened in the States. Just my opinion. :2cents:

OK thanks for the info.
It should be noted that I previously lived in Taiwan and I know her parents quite well.

[quote=“crybllrd”]OK thanks for the info.
It should be noted that I previously lived in Taiwan and I know her parents quite well.[/quote]
You could always tell them that you got married to get her a green card, but now want to redo it out of love and the desire to build a future together. Might be better than lying and getting caught.

Then they should love having you as the SIL. Welcome to the family an all that. Just tell them you got married already but want to do the customary marriage banquet so the Family can share their new found family member with their social network. Don’t keep secrets. Whats the point. Tell them you want to get married, get the blessing from the family. Present the US marriage certificate only after you ask them. Better do that the first day your arrive. :smiley:

Thanks for the advice.
She is working on getting the HR for me right now.
I’m in the States and she is there, I’m assuming there is no problem with that.
What does she need to do/provide to get this done?