Houses in Taiwan (western type)

Ive driven by there 3-4 times, its not the middle of nowhere but its pretty close. Theres a Golf course with Westin Hotel? at the end of the street. 15 mins drive downhill on either way of that road to any town as its on top of a hill. Incredibly inconvenient area. Those houses should not cost anywhere beyond 1 million but of course none of the real estate in TW makes much sense given any standard metric

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I grew up in a 1930s Spanish/Mediteranean house in California, still standing fine today and looks in great condition after 90s years vs 40 year old dilapidated concrete houses cracking, molding, leaking, rusting and falling tiles in Taipei. It went through all the earthquakes Southern California threw at it over 90yrs just fine same with any other house in L.A.


It’s all down to maintenance. You can make a house last 500 years if they are properly maintained and kept mold free, regardless of construction materials.

Same goes for concrete house. Especially the tiles must replaced if it comes off. Those tiles aren’t just for decoration. Concrete isn’t waterproof and the steel rebar inside can rust. If that happens the structure will be compromised as the rusted steel expands cracking the concrete.

In fact a reinforced concrete building will fall apart in as little as 50 years if it’s simply left alone with windows open and all that. Rust will destroy the structure. Wooden structure probably even sooner simply because of mold and termites.

Wooden structure does very well against earthquakes by the way. The wood flex enough that it keeps the structure intact though drywall may need repair after. It’s unreinforced masonry structure that’s the biggest danger.

Unfortunately wooden structure would not do well in Taiwan at all. The amount of maintenance required is much higher, and termites would eat it for lunch. You also must take great pains to keep it dry and keep it mold free. Furthermore you must have moisture barriers like those Tyvek things or else your wooden house in Taiwan will turn into mold city.

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