Housing in New Taipei's "re-zoned areas" 重劃區

I’m not in the market for an apartment, but I like to daydream. After reading a couple of Taiwanese blogs and watching one too many YouTube videos, I’m curious about the state of the “re-zoned areas” 重劃區 (please amend translation as appropriate) where a lot of the new development is happening in New Taipei city. From what I read, the occupancy rate in these areas is very low, sometimes way below 50%. Apartments are hard to sell (despite more generous terms), and people who buy don’t actually live there but merely invest, both with the result that necessary services (retail etc) don’t materialise.

Is this true? In your opinion/experience, which of these areas (e.g., touqian 頭前, jiangzicui 江子翠, A7 [is this last one perhaps actually in Taoyuan?]), if any, are looking healthy and are/will be livable?

Sansia is healthy with a lot of people. Danshui’s first phase is lively and full of stores.

Banciao is expensive.

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Is this Danhai on the light rail?

Yes but. The parts on Zhongshan Road North before Carrefour and after Xinchun Street.

The LRT would be a bit of a not-worth-it-walk.

Take the bus to the mrt and you’re golden. 7-10min

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