housing options outside of Taipei

Hello. I lived and taught in Taipei before, and I am thinking about coming back to Taiwan. It was very easy to find housing/roommates in Taipei through Facebook, Tealit, ect. I am going to be looking for work in the southern and central parts, and there don’t seem to be many options for finding housing outside of Taipei (unless you find a buxiban that will help you out with finding an apartment). Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

Kaohsiung used to have its own website for “kaohsiungliving”, but that domain is now empty and cannot be referenced. For either Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, or even Pingtung, your money will go a lot farther and chances are good you can rent your own flat and not have to rely on finding roommates (like in Taipei, where it’s more expensive), or you can rent your place and then sublet some rooms to others.

If you find your job from overseas, you can come maybe a few weeks before school starts, stay at the cheap hostels in central/south Taiwan and start roaming neighbourhoods looking for those small public notice boards in neighbourhoods where apartments for rent will be posted.

Barring that, you can always use an apartment-finding middleman, or use: https://rent.591.com.tw/?kind=0&region=1

Yeah maybe wait until you arrive and look around the town in the school in your situation before you decide what you want to rent in if you want to spend the money on deposits

Thanks so much for your replies. I would have some money saved before I came back. I just wanted to see if it was possible for a foreigner with very limited Mandarin to find a place in central and southern Taiwan, and it looks like it is. This is helpful:grinning:

Go onto 591 and poke around apartments listed via an agent. Usually they will have a couple of agencies that has someone on staff that speaks English.