I’m thinking about heading over to Taiwan toward the end of December to look for a teaching job. Should I be so lucky as to find a job, will it probably include accommodation (as in korea?) Or will I have to rent my own apartment?

Also, is there anyone who has found a job recently or is looking now? How’s the job market?

There are a few that may offer shared dorm appartments but, on the whole, jobs here do not usually do not offer accommodations as part of their offers. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Taiwan doesn’t have the rip-off “key money” deposit tradition that Korea and Japan have, so accommodations are more affordable to start with. Also, in Taiwan, the place you live isn’t tied to your job so, if you quit, you don’t have to move.

Also, your apartment is yours, and your boss doesn’t have the key. This is a very good thing. Trust me.

“key money” deposit is negotiable for most rentals anyways. Most people don’t have to pay, but it’s a bitch to rent a condo in korea and japan. they need guarantors. in taiwan they just hire a couple 'Ah Huang’s to boot your ass out. that shall teach the leechers a lesson.

btw, the job market is pretty good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. What does this mean?


Thanks for the info. What does this mean?[/quote]

that means they’ll just ask a couple gangsters to throw you out if you dont pay your rent.




clarification : the job market’s pretty good in Taiwan compared to most other places if you want to be an English teacher.