How a Factory Worker Lost Her Life at Taiwan’s Tyntek

The British managed to kill off or drive out half the native population of Ireland ,some success.

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But then again, the Irish got their own back by being more successful than the British once they crossed the pond :slight_smile:

I don’t think all the dead Irish would appreciate that.

Irish landowners were heavily complicit.

Wellington is my favourite Brit.

London government and aristocracy was just sucking resources from the colonies and they hated the native population in Ireland . They did an absolute shit job there. Wrecked the place. Cut down all our forests. Destroyed most of our ancient castles. Blew up our city center in Dublin. Burned down all.our monasteries. Dispossesed 90% of population . Destroyed our native language dthrough discrimination . Allowed one million natives to starve in three years while exporting food. nope Ireland owes the UK sweet fuck all. The only way to get rid of them was to shoot them out of it. Fact.
I’m not saying it should have gone down that way the Irish tried to get home rule but the British blocked it and blocked it again…So cest la vie.

Yeah, in hindsight, it may not have been a good thing to let them run the EU.

I have to say, it’s not entirely fair to blame all the ills in crappy countries on the colonialists. England was colonized several times over, as was most of Western Europe. But they mostly turned out OK. Colonization is very much a hybridization process, and what comes out the other end depends on the two ingredients going in.

The Spanish actually kept quite detailed records of the countries they infested, and apparently the Philippines was the one place they couldn’t do anything with. They found the natives both incomprehensible and incorrigible, and I get the feeling not much has changed since then.

Anglo Irish…They were more British than Irish.
I forgot the British destroyed Cork city center too in 1920! Supposedly part of their own country …

These are fair points. I’m not sure about your use of ‘our’. That suggests a personal involvement with something that happened 150 years ago.

Anyway, is Ireland a shithole now? That’s the question with British colonialism. Is it as bad as the Congo or Ruanda?

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Zimbabwe is a clear-cut disaster of a former British colony. South Africa may soon go the same way.

Other than that, there seems to be a general level of success.

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That’s a Friday night in Cork, isn’t it?

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Yeah it’s a personal involvement those same forces threatened to shoot up my great grandparents and grandmother in their own home. Im pretty sure I had relative die in the Damien and of course many relatives forged to leave the homeland. Also the best land in each district was given to the local Anglo Irish and most people had no land or poor land.
It didn’t happen 150 years ago only it was 1920 and 1921 that was the war of independence and of course still happening to a degree in Northern Ireland

My ancestors on my mother’s side are Irish. Their ancestors had to leave Scotland due to land clearances. I’ve accepted that this was rich people fucking over poor people.

It was a lot more than that in Ireland.
You should learn the history . There was genocide , racism, sectarianism …A lot of real ugly shit.

I suspect one of the main problems with colonialism is that some people just can’t let it go. The world is shit. Wars happen. Civil wars happen. Rich people kill poor people and take their stuff (and sometimes vice versa). Pretty much everything is unfair, and always will be.

Filipinos are still blaming every problem they have on the Spanish, 400 years later. Or occasionally the Americans. Nothing is ever their own fault … or within their own power to fix.

Sometimes it’s better not to learn the history, I reckon.

Why should Irish people let it go exactly ? You still have one quarter of our country lol. We will be getting it back sooner or later.

Yes, there was. All over the planet.

What, me personally? I don’t think so.

You’re basically railing about the nation-state model and the laws of conquest that allow it to exist. Ultimately, every piece of private property has some act of violence underpinning it. If you or your family own property in Ireland, you can only do so because at some point in the past someone whacked someone else over the head with an axe and said “this land here is mine now”. National claims work in much the same way, and those big claims are what keep smaller claims intact. It might be unfair, and I agree we should have figured out something better by now, but it works after a fashion.

If you don’t like it, you could try Communism?

Bokoicjs excuse. Look at the state of Northern Ireland to see how ‘successful’ the UK is with its colonies. What a dump. Poorest place in the UK. Full of backwards bigots.
It would be MUCH better off where it belongs in a united Ireland.

Loom up the ‘penal laws’ to understand the extra sauce of evil they applied in Ireland.

This is no different to my NI relatives banging on about the Battle of the Boyne.

They shouldn’t be there in the first place . :sunglasses:
The British weren’t about building up the natives, it was all about keeping the natives down and extracting their resources…Same thing they did in India. Look at the state of India when they left, everybody was illiterate practically.