How a Factory Worker Lost Her Life at Taiwan’s Tyntek

Well, they were there. It wasn’t their fault they were forced there.

They weren’t forced there they were given land as reward for fighting for various British armies. They were planters starting QEI time and then into Cromwell’s era . Some were simply investments from English merchants who backed Cromwell’s army. With victory over royalist and native Irish forces they confiscated almost all the land in Ireland. You don’t know your own history ?

They never really belonged there and so they developed this extreme and conservative and backwards mindset…:sunglasses:

I’m not sure exactly what you want. Do you want a unified Ireland, only without people in Northern Ireland you don’t agree with?

Northern Ireland was a gerrymandered state, it shouldn’t even exist. They lopped off the Catholic counties trying to create a protestant statelet.
Be that as it may I want an all Ireland vote in the next ten or twenty years and the British govt should leave northern Ireland IF the vote is for a united Ireland . It will be better off.

So, what would you do with the people in NI you don’t feel are as Irish as you?

They can hold onto their passports and enjoy their life which will be better in the EU, which is what they voted for anyway. They are still British too and just a different kind of Irish. Theres nothing to be afraid of from their modern countrymen.

You would never say that to someone’s face.

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Why wouldn’t I ? I wouldn’t tell them about the fact there will be a border poll and they would
be part of a united ireland, why not ?
I’m not going down the falls road mind you lol.
I’m just here to strike down the narrative that the UK and England in particular was somehow so much better than the Spanish. It wasn’t.
And if we are talking about colonial powers the Americans made a right mess of the Philippines too and killed a lot of natives in the Philippines-American war (Japanese…Also terrible ). Also the US air force destroyed Manila when retaking Phil in WWII. They basically just bombed the crap out of it as far as I can tell.

OK, next time you’re back in the old country pop down into a pub in somewhere like Ballymoney and expand on your theories.

I’m not an idiot. Those guys will have to get with the times they (NI) are going to get chucked out of the UK by the English sooner or later, English people have no time for money suckers these days, especially those paddies over there.:sunglasses:

Is that the “before” or the “after” photo? :slight_smile:

See, I’m being flippant about this, but the fact is it doesn’t really matter, because you can’t change it. What matters is what people are doing right now, today, that will affect the future in either positive or negative ways. Filipinos today are free to do as they please. Nobody’s bombing them. They have vast natural resources at their disposal and a young population, which should theoretically presage an economic boom. So what’s gone wrong?

Dresden, Nagasaki, and who knows how many other cities were razed to the ground during WW2. They all rose up again. Why?

When people start looking at their problems and saying, “ahhh, fuckit, it’s all so-and-so’s fault”, that’s when they stop looking for constructive solutions.

“The law allows for up to three years of imprisonment or up to NT$300,000 in fines for responsible parties should they be found guilty of causing the death of a worker due to noncompliance with safety or other measures.”
In Taiwan reality this means 6 months of imprisonment at best, which can be substituted with funny NT1500 per day, or alike.
These guys are just laughing on this “responsibility”.

Part 2


This really shows the bias towards companies:

Deserie’s family faced enormous pressure to handle the aftermath of her death and to ensure they would retain the right to pursue legal action against Tyntek. Taiwanese authorities could have intervened to update the family on the investigation, inform them of their rights, or assign a civil servant to assist them in navigating the process.
Instead, they did nothing.
The MOL said it was outside their purview to provide support or information to the family of the deceased, or to inform them of how to receive timely updates on the investigation. Despite this, regulations ensured that MOL officials kept Tyntek informed at all stages.

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It’s cheaper and south East Asian workers aren’t Chinese so it doesn’t really matter. They should be thankful to have been given the opportunity to earn a living in Taiwan and to have such generous bosses.

When the bridge collapsed, I saw an anchor on a television news report say that “no Taiwanese are believed to have died”. That line seems to be appropriate if there’s a terrorist attack in London and French publicans report that all French citizens are safe but, when it comes from inside the same country it happened in, appears to be a bit callous.

Both articles posted here on this are really well written, in my opinion - nice to see journalists leave their office to do research.