How a Mormon housewife sold America the big speed-reading scam

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Speed reading is not a scam. That’s what I do in most of the threads here on Forumosa :rofl::happyrunningaround:


And that’s why you keep coming in second in Pic Quiz. :wink:

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You know when a title reads mormon and housewife we are in for some slamming.

But ya, speed reading is skimming. Learning to pick out keywords and skip the trim. One of my teachers turned family friend was amazingly fast. I am slow as shit when reading. But when we talked she never could get really in depth into the conversation as she never paused to contemplate the meaning. It miht take 2 r 3 passes to really get into the grove of what the author is trying to explain. She could read all 3 lord of the rings in a day though…never could chat about how gollum and Bilbo are the same species which was frustrating as a middle scholer.

I don’t agree with you.

As Tolkien has explained in “The Shadow of the Past” (FotR), Gollum was a proto-hobbit, a member of species that were the ancesters of the Stoors who later crossed the Great River and settled in the Shire. So, not the same species as Bilbo.

Oh, sorry, the discussion should be about speed reading, right? :rofl:


Speed typing might not be your thing either…:joy:


Mormon housewives always have some kind of pyramid scheme side gig going on. Or a youtube channel for God-fearing makeup or elaborate braids.

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I’m loving the broad generalizations on the basis of gender, occupation and religion. It’s a trifecta!


It’s obvious that Trump never went for the scam, you don’t scam a scammer!:rofl:

Neanderthals and Forumosans?

Did you know that originally according to Linnaeus there are 4 species of human? Red, black, white and yellow.

Some revolutionary scientist will consider Gollum and hobbits are the same species.

Oh look, a squid asking for directions. Time to do my good deed for the day! :squid: :heart: :grinning:

I’m far from the first person to make this observation.

ALWAYS is an overstatement, but tight-knit and kinship communities are prime targets for these scams.


Gollum was a stoor no? I thought they considered them an old race of hobbit. But as rickroll points out maybe they could be a higher, more meaningful rank such as sub-species.

So likely as i mentioned about, the same “species”… :slight_smile: if bigger shoulders, hairier slightly different language etc are defining factors for other non humans, we are back to my point in that other thread. Cant have it both ways, need to have consitency and no bias. Even with hobbits and humans.

Back on topic. Some Morman generalizations tend to lean in the sexist side and can appear kind of schemy but i think the men far outweigh the women on those accomplishments. Eg. Marrying off daughters and multiple wives is sexist and Mormonisim is a scam dreamt up by a man.

Yeah, yeah. The point still stands.

Some Mormons are really decent folk, but others are definitely weird. They tend to have pretty backwards values. I think we had the Mormon discussion before, though, a long time ago.

Mormon church has issued a statement regarding these scams:

Some members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like members of other faiths and close-knit communities, have in the past fallen victim to this type of fraud. Sometimes the perpetrators are their fellow Church members. Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are taught to be honest in their dealings with others, and those who are guilty of carrying out these scams can be given the most serious discipline the Church can impose, including excommunication. Because some dishonest individuals have used affinity fraud to prey upon members of their own faith groups, leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have warned Church members plainly and frequently to beware of these types of scams.

This applies equally to every single religion on the face of the planet.

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Whoa, sounds almost…medieval.