How about taichung?

Where to go in Taichung? Any good “foreign” places, such as nice bars, pubs? Where do most foreigners meet in Taichung?


This was my question too! I know there are other expats here… I’ve seen them! Any recommendations for places to go? Places to avoid?

I went to the Napoli 10th Aniversary party. There were a lot of foreigners there, apparently far more than usual. It seemed pretty cool, but expensive! It was US $4.50 for a Budweiser!

We went to Frog I once, but that was a complete waste of time. Apparently it’s totally old news. The message board, which Lonely Planet said it was renowned for, was completely outdated. The food was awful. I wouldn’t recommend it.

We haven’t been out much either, as we’ve only been here a little while ourselves. If anyone has any more suggestions, I’d love to hear em!

Maybe we should start a “Taichungers Unite” forum so that we will have a place of our own, and won’t feel like outcasts!

Just an idea!

Just to clarify to the people in Taipei, yes modern civilization has reached Taichung.

If you come down pick up Compass for general listings or look at the Voice. All of my selections below will be listed.

For a good bite I would recommend
Finga’s Base Camp (for Lunch) Finga’s Italian (For Dinner)
La Terresa (Sorry Terry for bad spelling)
Smooth (more upscale)
Sahara Cafe
Spice Shop (Indian)
Shanghai 1924 or the Beijing Restaurant down the street (on wuquanwujie) good upscale chinese

I am not a bar fly so I am only going to recommend…
Good Bars with good food
Uzo great outdoor seating, fantastic gyros, falafel kebabs and hummus
La Bodega great falafel, and spanish tapas (Authentic)
FM (Pretty good food, decent bar/party scene from what I hear)
Grooveyard If you like live music this is an absolut must. Especially if you are here on Wed. and like Jazz. Patrick (the proprietor) and his band Round Midnight are excellent. Just don’t show up too late.

Yes my two favorite bars carry falafel…so that makes me a little partial. So I applogize to all the other quality establishments in Taichung.

If you want directions or other suggestions feel free to PM me.

Viva La Taichung

Never mind. It’s an old thread dredged up from the deepest recesses of

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