How am I supposed to leave?

I’m trying to fly back to the states, the first trip I booked for early July was cancelled by the airline so I had to push the flight back to August. I just got a call today saying my August flight was cancelled too! I’m worried about rebooking my next one anytime soon. Have any Americans here successfully left the island recently? What airline did you use? Thank you.


Sorry to hear of your plight. In case you have problems leaving, I suggest talking early and openly to the Taiwan authorities and find out how you can stay or leave.


My friend just graduated and they granted her the usual 6 month extension for graduation but they also offered her a special COVID extension to her ARC.

So staying is not that hard if you have an ARC, even if you don’t. But getting a flight out is another story.

Many countries allow transfer if you do it with the same airline. Thankfully, if you are only going to the US, you could fly direct or through Japan, Korea or even gulp Hong Kong if push comes to shove.

Problem as OP stated is there are no flights. There is no guarantee connecting flights will be there. You could get stuck in a 3rd country if connecting, but direct flights are reduced

My suggestion is that OP could piggyback to a repatriation flight, say, maybe from Guam. They said they were opening up to Taiwanese.

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You want to go back?


Yeah I’m here on a spouse visa so staying is not an issue. All the airlines that cancelled have been USA based so I might try ANA or something this time…


Have you tried booking a cruise instead?


Business class is your only option. Economy class will be canceled due to the restriction on the number of passengers.


I heard Turkish has been flying pretty consistently in and out of Europe. I’m flying from Italy to Istanbul to Taipei. But you’re going the other way over the pacific so I’m not sure.

My husband last Friday just flew to Dallas. China air to Narita, then American to Dallas

We are programmed to receive
You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave


The problem we find is that the booking websites show flights…that are not flying.

Just saw a very nice offer on American to the old country…only United is flying, twice a week, to the old country.

So you could buy and pay. The airline just cancels.

Japan has been known to not let people board an inbound plane, letting them land but not letting them in…


Transfering through china sounds like a terrible idea. Id rather takem y .chances with the virus…or trump…or anything else.

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I wonder if there is something untoward going on. Airlines take the money, cancel the flight they had no intention of flying, and keep the money.

Air Canada right now will only give travel credits for a future flight. Who wants that if the airline might not even be around in a few months.


A colleague of mine left on Saturday via Tokyo.

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I wanted to say that!

@WolfB I eavesdropped on a conversation of a family trying to leave and I think they were using China Airlines through Hong Kong. You may have to settle for several layovers. You can also book tickets stop by stop, though you face cancellations or delays+missed flights with no refunds. It’s going to suck to travel now, so you’re either going to have to be lucky or get creative.

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i checked the uk governments website which showed which flights actually were flying. then i phoned the airline to double check. i booked 2 weeks before, less time to be cancelled.

maybe there’s similar information on an american govt website

I’d give anything to be stuck in Taiwan right now instead of this COVID hotspot called the U.S. of A.


Yeah same (except UK), I close my eyes, stick this on and imagine myself back in TW