How and where to donate blood


Anyone how and where donate blood in taipei?


There is permanently parked a blood donation bus here behind Sogo in one of the most popular areas in Taipei. It’s so permanent, that is has it’s own tag on Google Maps.

I went there once, but forgot the how part. Take some ID, see what happens. They’ll do some blood tests… whatever.

If you go early, hit the fake news named “Starbucks Reserve”, which tries to convince people that it’s special, but isn’t. Stop into Toasteria in the afternoon. In the evening, head over to East End Bar for a cocktail or wine and nice dinner and then later KOR for some dancing. Maybe head over to Fifi and hang out with the rich and famous that don’t want to be seen. Or one of the KTVs in the area. There are so many things within 5 minutes of this blood donation center, that you’ll probably want to go back and get your blood back after doing even a few things.


A list of blood donation centres, including the schedule for the mobile units can be found at:


What kind of regulations are there on giving blood here? I half-remember being unable to donate blood either because I’d eaten beef in Britain in the 90s (and hence was at risk of mad-cow disease), and/or had taken malaria medication in the past few years. But there’s a high chance I was either totally wrong about that, and even if I was right, perhaps these were the rules in Canada, or they no longer apply.


They definitely still apply in the E.U


Big blood drive today in Tzu Chi.


I’ll be donating soon. In taiwan and Asia there seems to be a lack of blood donation from what I understand and also has health benefits.


Yep but the restrictions towards foreigners are draconian compared to the laxity with locals.


Went to the one by sogo. I’m not sure but they did ask if I had gay sex. Not sure if they would have rejected me if I did.


Went to donate today in Nangang, here’s how it went down …

Approached the volunteers to donate and was welcomed with a bottle of water and asked for photo ID. I handed over my NHI card, [Taiwanese] drivers license and ARC - the staff were happy enough with the first two and gave back the ARC. The IDs were sent into the van to be verified.

After confirming I hadn’t donated before, I was given the registration form and seated outside to fill it out (and offered a second bottle of water!). The double sided form has slots for your regular details, and about 30 questions ranging from your travel history to an entire section on HIV. Most of the questions are Yes/No tickboxes. There are both English language and Chinese versions of the form.

It was then time to enter the air-conditioned van for the interview. Most of mine focused on travel history - going through the responses to ‘countries you have visited in the last 12 months’. There’s a clear focus on tropical diseases (probably Zika and Malaria). Going to Korea in the past month, not a problem. Germany, Italy, Netherlands - don’t care. Malaysia, Singapore in March - also fine. In the end I was rejected due to last year’s trip to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Overall, a good experience. Highly similar to the process in Australia, and no evil conspiracy to keep foreign residents away was apparent :wink: Will be trying again once I’m out of the 12 month quarantine period.


Following up, I successfully donated blood in the permanent center in Banqiao (near FuZhong MRT). Process was straightforward and welcoming like the unsuccessful attempt in Nangang.

On entry, you take a ticket from the queue machine (there was only one other person in the queue at the time), and sit opposite a reception desk. The reception staff call you over, take your NHI card and give you the standard forms to fill out in English or Chinese. They’ll also take your weight and height on the machine next to the desk.

Fill out the form, hand it in, and you’ll probably be briefed that they’ll only take 250mL since it’s your first donation. In the future, you can choose to give 500mL.

Next, wait to be called into the office for your interview. Most of the interview is just going deeper on questions from the form - ‘risky’ sexual behaviour or travel history. Pass the interview and you’ll be offered the choice of a gift (socks, stationary) or to save your points to get a better gift after donating a few times.

Outside to wait for a bit again, and then you’re taken into the blood donation room. At banqiao there are about dozen chairs. Cushioned recliners with the usual tube trappings. Free Wi-Fi, of course.

Post donation, it’s time for the refreshments room. Juices, tea, coffee, sports drinks and a range of sweet and savoury snacks. Recommend to sit there for at least 15mins, but some obviously stay a lot longer. You’ll also be given a bit of paper with a donation number and a phone number to call if you experience any issues post donation.

Following the donation, you’re sent a thank-you email with a receipt number. Following this, a reminder sms after two months have passed and you can donate again (you get to fill out the same form again next time too!). You’ll also get a birthday message sms :slight_smile:

Hope that helps demystify the process!


It’s also a good why to find out your blood type if you don’t know. They send it in a email after.


What country are you from?
I was a regular blood donor (every 3 months) in my home country and in Taiwan, until ‘Mad’ cow disease (BSE) appeared, then they barred almost every European from donating blood, approx. since early 2000.




Never heard of that.




can you provide the address? would want to donate also. thanks in advance.


The full/official list of locations is at:

(if you don’t read Chinese, and google translate isn’t working: click through the pink menu items on the right hand side until the map changes to somewhere you recognise. To switch between Taipei and New Taipei choose the 1st or 2nd item in the dropdown box on the right above the pink menu items)

I went to the Banqiao/FuZhong location:
2F-4, No 36, Lane 50, Sec 1, ZhongShan Rd, Banqiao District

ProTip: you’re going to level 2 in what seems like a pretty residential-looking building. To find the right entrance, look out for the large white-on-red sign with their phone number (2952-4117) pointing in the gate. Then go up the stairs past the guard desk (on your left as you walk into the first covered area).


really big help. thanks a lot.


Taipei Main Train station B1 beside Starbucks.