How and Where to get Results from PCR Test

Yesterday, I took a rapid covid test, which came up positive. Although the policy for reporting positive tests changed yesterday, the CECC told me to take a PCR test yesterday. So I took the PCR test yesterday, but they didn’t answer the question about how long it would take to get the results or how to get them. I took the PCR test at a general hospital in Taoyuan. I have been in home isolation since yesterday.

Does anyone know how, where, and when I will get the results? I tried calling the CECC but the line is understandably and perpetually busy

You filled out the form. There you also wrote your mobile number.

They will send you a SMS with the result and instructions in case it is positive.


Thank you for responding

Yes, I had my PCR test done around noon on Tuesday, received an SMS early Wednesday morning saying that I was positive. Results should be sent to you soon.

They should contact you, as slawa mentioned, but you can also find the test result info on the NHI app, if you have national health insurance. Registering can be a bit of a pain though. Good luck!


How much does a PCR test cost ?

Should be around $400 with NHI

Unless things have changed

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Much cheaper than I expected. I had been reading of NT$ 3 or 4K for the test.

I think that’s if you get it for travel.

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Yesterday, with NHI, it cost me nt$750

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Even with a positive rapid test?

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Wait, they actually charge people for the PCR test even after testing positive on the rapid test? :astonished:

That probably really discourages people from getting tested. And they still had >60k positives today…

But yeah - the results should also be available in the NHI app. It still shows my tests from the airport and after quarantine from last year.

Yes, back in Mid-March it cost me NT$3500 for a pre-departure test (collect results next day) or if in a hurry, NT4500 and get the result late the same day.

No way that’s happening. Mandating paid tests would be insane. Luckily they aren’t mandated any longer.

It’s happening.

They are if you aren’t in 3+4 and your rapid test is positive.

I’m confused. I thought positive cases were just 7 and 7 and no need to notify g-men or get PCR test.

Not that I am aware of.

Rapid test positive cases can only skip PCR if they are already observing 3+4 and a doctor on a video call agrees.

Unless things changed today?

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Whatever… My entire family is already post recovery so it’s not a problem anymore. :grin:

What a mess.

I just saw your update. No wonder no one is reporting positive cases. It’s a giant hassle, especially for someone with heavier symptoms.


Sorry, but I’m pretty dumb. So if I tell them I want to travel on holiday this summer & need a PCR test to enter XYZ country, I will be charged more pesos?
If so, why would I tell them I’m planning to travel? Can’t I just say I thought it would be a good idea to get a test done?

No. The only people who can get a PCR test at NHI prices are people with a positive rapid test.

Besides, the NHI test result won’t be good enough to travel, it will be just a text message, or a message on the NHI app. For travel you’ll need a certificate which they’ll only give you if you specifically get a PCR test for travel.