How and Where to get Results from PCR Test

OK, I got it. Much appreciated.

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Is that all Taiwan now or still only Taipei and new Taipei?

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Thoroughly confused now, from May 12th weren’t we supposed to be able to do some sort of online check with a doc where the antigen test result would be verified and the need for a PCR test removed?

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Not everyone. Only those observing 3+4.

I believe Ko is calling for everyone to be able to only do a rapid test


Only if you were already in home isolation because a family member was confirmed etc.

If you just take a test and are positive, you still have to get a pcr. So stupid


As he said, 97 percent of these end up with a positive pcr. There is no point making them line up and waste time.

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Does increase Youbikes business though…

His plan would imply some logic is being applied however that doesn’t work with governments and covid, >99.6% of people catching the current covid variant don’t require any special medical attention and yet we’re all still walking around masked up and subject to arbitrary control measures!

It’s possible that these control measures are actually helping to keep things this way (i.e. reducing, one hopes, the amount of virus others are exposed to).


It is possible however given that the latest data showed that a high percentage of people are catching the kung flu from family members where they are not wearing masks in the home environment and thus not having any reduction in the amount of virus they are exposed to, assuming a mask does actually do that (strong arguments both sides), it does not seem to be a consideration factor in how sick one gets with the current variant i.e. not very sick at all for >99.6% of people.

That is a pretty good point. Do people who catch it from masked up coworkers/strangers have better outcomes than those who catch it from their maskless family members?

Once it is in the house, everyone gets it.

We got it but as I shared on another thread were slow to get the PCR. Now they’re saying we have to quarantine based off of the PCR and not the earlier rapid test. We’d tried to do one of the telemedicine things during the interim but nothing was available. I understand this is kind of the chaos phase, but I’m still annoyed by it. Our PCRs were free (I think you could pay ~350nt for a bag of medicine).

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I don’t blame you. I hope you guys are all OK!


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Thanks! It’s super annoying and there’s nothing documented anywhere like this. If it said “your clock starts with the PCR” we would have rushed off and lined up. On the other hand, I think that now that we’ve gotten the same vague call for each family member, it doesn’t sound like they really do anything else.

Do you live in Taipei? I feel like Taipei is stricter than other places

Does the clock for the home quarantine start the day that you took the PCR test?

I just ask because I have been home quarantined since Thursday, but I have yet to receive the results for my PCR. The hospital never answers calls, which is understandable, and the 1922 CDC hotline tells me to call the hospital. The only other option tomorrow is to call the Department of Public Health, as directed by the CDC.

For us they did it based on when you took the PCR test.

And yes, yes, I do live in Taipei. I wouldn’t mind some chabuduo on this. It’s annoying because to get the PCR you have to list when you tested positive by rapid test and you have to bring the rapid test.

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This is good news to hear. If it’s true, I only have 3.5 days left in home quarantine. Thank you for responding