How are mixed-race couples viewed in South Africa?

I’d like the opinion of South Africans (or anyone who’s been there) on this. How are mixed-race couples generally treated in South Africa? I’m white, my husband is black. We’re planning to go to Durban and Cape Town at least. Is it an issue at all? Or will it be more of an issue that he is Nigerian? (I’ve heard there is some prejudice against Nigerians in South Africa.) Thanks.

From what my old boss told me in Cape Town, yes it’s a bit of an issue. It’s not that common there (interracial marriage) even though at work they would mix and socialize together at work fine.
Being from Nigeria is okay as long as he is legal, they don’t like illegal immigrants!

Of course, it is impossible to speak for everybody… but both Cape Town and Durbs are traditionally way more liberal than other parts. You’ll be okay. Maybe get a few stares, but I guess you will get a lot more here in Taiwan. Nothing to worry about.

Well I talked to my boss and he said they got grief from the both the white community (mostly Afrikaaners, nice people but they do NOT believe in mixing of the races) and the blacks. So it was hard to win. A lot of them simply disapprove even if they don’t say anything. It’s different than Taiwan. You hardly ever see mixed couples there. Honestly it’s pretty backwards like that.
Also West Africans and others aren’t very welcome in South Africa, that’s pretty obvious these days. Just telling it like it is.

Thanks for the advice. One concern I have is my husband is clueless about South Africa. I’m afraid he’s going to insist on really cheap hotels in areas of Cape Town even I know a mixed-race couple isn’t going to be OK. Of course, I have a veto, but …

Well this is all my limited impression, some South Africans might contribute but so far it’s rather quiet from their side, the real problem in South Africa is not some type of unvoiced disapproval but the risk of violence. Cape Town is far safer than most places and has tonnes of tourists, great place to visit, just follow the crowds really. It’s different living in a place compared to visiting obviously.