How are you planning your retirement?

Coming up on 15 years in Taiwan teaching. Curious to know how others are planning for retirement here. I’ve started investing in rental property in the US and it seems to be working out. 3 properties purchased with no mortgage and planning to continue to do so. Do you guys invest in property, stock market, etc.? I think it’s ridiculous to invest in Taiwan real estate for any kind of return personally. Prices way too high and rent way too low to expect any kind of return. I’m interested in diversifying, but don’t really see myself playing stocks.

This is me except change US to rural Canada.

I kinda want some rural land somewhere in the south of Taiwan and away from everyone so I can grown bananas and catch up on my readings. I wanna build a banana crack shack cabin.

I don’t plan on staying in Taiwan past 70+ as I think the medical system blows and I’d rather die back in Canada.

I’m curious how you deal with management? Do you use a management company, have family to help you out with them, or something else?

It is definitely a good idea, but a bit high in what I call, " The Pain in the Ass Factor" (PAF). Stocks and more specifically Index funds have a very low PAF, thus why I prefer them - but if that is working for you, all power to you! I love seeing people figuring out ways to maximize their investments and thinking about retirement in general … so many people just keep their head in the sand about the whole thing.

Family handles the management of the properties. Fortunate enough to have already purchased and paid off my house here in Taiwan before pursuing investing back home.

I have managed to live an exciting life . I chose to spend copious amounts of cash on purely pleasurable activities . No need to plan too carefully as we may die tomorrow. In spite of this wild lifestyle I have plenty of money left for the rest of my life … if I die next Tuesday :smirk:


That’s what the country social security net is for :slight_smile:
For example Canada

It’s best to retire rich or dirt poor.
The rich can get the nicest nursing homes and health care.
The poor will get subsidized housing for retirement and paid for nursing homes. Plus a guaranteed subsidy that will allow you to live. Not the most fun life but at that age what fun will you have anyway.

The middle class pay for it all
So if your not a crazy rich Canadian, might as well be poor.

If you’re middle class your wealth will be funneled either up or down.


I put a bit of money into index funds here and there, and spend the rest. The funds are doing okay, but I’m not super optimistic about the state of, like, the entire global economy thirty years from now, so I’m not assuming they’ll support me in retirement.

I’m basically expecting to work until I die, but hopefully less and less (at higher and higher rates!) as I get older.