How bad can it be if the number of countries that ROC/Taiwan has official diplomatic relations with is exactly ZERO?


They do not have a plane. They charter a 747 from China Airlines when so required.


There are 5 of those for your perusal. I also recommend you to read the pamphlets on why the Tiaoyutai are a sovereign part of the ROC.


[quote=“Andrew0409”]We can use half of our national spending on Nuclear weapons at this point.
U.N -" You can’t build nuclear weapons!"
Taiwan- “We are not part of the U.N, can’t tell us what to do”[/quote]

Somewhat amusingly, Chiang Kai-shek’s administration privately justified its nuclear weapons program (despite the ROC being a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty) by noting that China (the other one, of course) was one of the nuclear-weapons states recognized by the NPT. Since the ROC was the legitimate government of all China, so the logic went, there was no problem with the ROC developing nukes.


Thinking Taiwan’s view regarding the diplomatic allies pending crisis:


Yes it will be a disaster, who are these ally countries again and can anybody find them on a map? :wink:
They just plan for this eventuality right now and switch promotion efforts, but the Ma admin people want Taiwan to be part of China so they won’t care as long as they keep their pensions.


I don’t know if it would make a huge difference, really. It makes Taiwan less legitimate in everyone’s eyes, but I feel that the world’s nations would take the same hands-off, finger-waving approach if China invaded Taiwan with 22 friends vs. China invading Taiwan with 0 friends.


They do not have a plane. They charter a 747 from China Airlines when so required.[/quote]

Yes they do have one. A Boeing 737 800 exclusively for TW govt use. Operated by the ROCAF

Here she is :


Paraguay, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras and co. invasion of China…
Cute indeed…


Oh yes, how did we (society) manage to absorb the hundreds of toll takers that were let go? I kind of enjoyed handing my money to someone.


With “private entities” like these, who needs embassies?

The US has the right to freely appoint AIT staff members, including security personnel, because the building is considered an extension of US territory, Lee said in response to a legislator’s question.

The right is also stipulated in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, he said.

The AIT is a private entity established in 1979 to manage US relations with Taiwan in the absence of formal diplomatic ties.

Does the US reciprocate? :ponder:


Wouldn’t really make a difference if no other country officially recognizes the ROC really. Taiwan itself doesn’t really recognize the ROC either :slight_smile:

It’s becoming more and more Taiwan. As recognizable as Madonna .


If you’re pro-Taiwan, I’m not sure that’s the association you want to be making. :confused:


Eh, there is still the official line that when they say China, it could refer to both The Mainland or Taiwan… and too many people in media and places with a voice/politial importance either believe so or try to push that believe down people’s throats. Things get nasty when you question the logic of that view.


It’s all about love, not “official recognition”.


Kind of like a domestic partnership?

I wonder if she even grasped the symbolism of draping the ROC flag on her shoulders. Seems more like a simple crowd-pleasing move when you’re on an international tour.

The association I was thinking of was more like Madonna and the ROC are both tired old has-beens well past their expiration date. :slight_smile:


Unlike we trendy young bean shoots.


Ok how about Maradona? Taiwan is the alternate reality to the rest of the world anyway. IN a good way.


I’ve never lived in a country that has so many “unofficial embassies”. Taiwan probably has more “unofficial embassies” than North and South Korea combined.


Plus just about all retired world leaders eventually make a junket to Taiwan.


Hey, I’m sure we’re both younger than Madge. Isn’t she like 70 or something? She just has more money to spend on plastic surgery and kale cleanses.