How bad do you want total yellowness?

I’m thinking of getting a can or two of yellow paint and coating my whole body. I want to be yellow for the rest of my life, but the problem is that it wouldn’t make economical sense to keep buying paint all the time. It also could be harmful to my health.

Does anyone know of any pills that are relatively safe that could change the color of my skin? I don’t really want to get my whole body tatooed yellow.

Guess when I reach my goal of total yellowness that I’ll have to carry an umbrella around in the summer because I could end up looking like… well… kind of funny.

Please advise.

Massive amounts of beta-carotine or a bad liver disorder. :slight_smile:

Yeah, DRINK yourself into sweet yellowness. :sunglasses:


Yeah, DRINK yourself into sweet yellowness. :sunglasses:



That’s easy then, considering how prevalent Hepathitis B is in Taiwan. A rubber-less visit or two to a barber shop should suffice.

If you don’t want yellow eye balls it could be a bit tricky.

Probably stick with the painting idea.