How big was the earthquake today?

I was too sleepy …

All I know it was about 8 in morning

It was a 5.7 at 8:07 a.m. epicenter off Ilan.

Taipei felt a 3. I felt it, but it wasn’t terribly strong up here.
(i.e: nothing tipped over)

Made the water in my toilet bowl slosh around a bit (guess what i was doing at the time). The CWB’s web site also has the worst Romanization for a city name i have ever seen. Doouluh City is their spelling for 斗六.

I’m curious what “Doouluh City” is supposed to refer to. (See … 757184.gif

It can’t be Douliu (Dou3 Liu4) because the website lists “Yunlin” in addition to “Doouluh City”, and Douliu is the only city in Yunlin County.

I think it really is supposed to be Douliu.

Note the listings for both “Changhua” and “Changhua City.” “Yunlin” probably refers to the county’s seismology office. I would agree, though, that the name isn’t very useful and also that the romanization is a joke. (“Doou” would be correct gwoyeu romatzyh for hanyu pinyin “dou3,” but “luh” would be “lu4,” which is obviously wrong. “Liu4” would be “liow”.)

Come to think of it, that’s a pretty damn weird map they’re using, too: