How can a NWOHR work in Taiwan using entry permit without ID

Help me guys. Im currently here in taiwan using my roc passport with entry permit. I dont have National ID or TARC yet. Can i legally work here using my roc passport?

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NWOHR = National without Household Registration… And I don’t think you’re allowed to work here until you get your ID or a work permit.


I assume you’re a dual citizen (or dual national, as some countries say). Iirc that disqualifies you, so you need a work permit unless you find another way to be exempt e.g. through marriage.

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I was wondering how could i support my self here in taiwan if i were to stay here for 3 months and another 3 months as expension. If i dont have a job. Why would they even let me in the country for that long.

Yes i am a dual national i have 2 passports. How can i get a tarc?

Am i qualified for an open work permit? Or can i get a working permit?

You will first have to apply for the TARC and then the work permit…As a previous poster stated—> “TARC holders with only ROC nationality have open work rights, TARC holders who are dual citizens do not have work rights and need a work permit.”. Hence, in your case (as a dual national), you will have to apply for a work permit after getting your TARC…here’s the link to the previous thread.

Here’s some more info on the TARC+work permit—> Click me

Hi springonion. I went to the NIA and told them that i would like to apply for a tarc and they told me that i needed a reason to apply lke employment, school. A reason to stay here in taiwan but when i told them that i do have a job now they said, ok then where is your working permit you must show us u have a working permit. So i went to labor department to get a workng permit. They told me my employeer should get it for you. U cant just walk in and g3t by your self. Is it true? If it is then Its kinda dead end for me since my employeer doesent want to hanndle working permits. Please help me guys.


May I ask about your professional experience? Perhaps you could qualify for a gold card …

I have a 12 years experience as a graphic artist in a chinese news paper backhome. And i have a degree in information technology.

Pretty ballsy to walk into the immigration agency and tell them you’re working here without a work permit.

Hats off to you.


You don’t need a real ‘reason’ to get a TARC - just say something like wanting to spend time with family if asked on the application form. you have a birthright for it. it is a pain to get though because you need a bunch of documents translated and approved by the TECO office responsible for your place of birth. the bottleneck will be waiting for the police background check (fbi report if you are from the states).


Short answer: yes, it’s true.

Medium answer: read about the Gold Card and ask yourself whether you should apply. Ask yourself whether you’re in love with a local person and want to get married. :kissing_heart: If you’re from a country with which Taiwan has a working holiday agreement, ask yourself if you want to go back and apply for a working holiday visa. But for now, stop working! :oncoming_police_car:

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Hey guys i went to the household registration in XinYi AnHe to ask for the record of my dad. Just to check. And i was in shock he does have A Household Registration that was like 1962. I thought my dad was just kidding when he insist that he does.

I got my RC, My healthCard, and Working permit. Just waiting for 1 year to get my Taiwan ID… thank you guys its a new begining for me.


Is your dad have a taiwan id.also during that time in there record aside from household?

Sounds like good news, I hope everything works out for you!

If I may ask you a question – you mentioned that you needed to apply for your Work Permit on your own, because your employer didn’t want to help. Was this because you were working for a foreign (e.g. US) company?

My dad has a household back then 1958 while he was getting his Degree. The household registration are very good in keeping records.

Its because I’m a Dual Passport Holder that’s why i need to apply a working permit while on the process of my Citizenship. If a person is married to a Taiwanese no need for working permit. But if a child is petition by parents they need to apply for a working permit.