How can a Reps office show revenue?

I believe towards the end of your Reps office 1 year period you need to show in your report for the years operation that you have achieved something like NT$3 million in revenue, how is this supposed to be achieved when a reps office is not supposed to “sell” anything. Is it in getting contracts or ?

Rep Office doesn’t need to show revenue. You can’t earn revenue legally. You just need to show proof of rep office activity - contracts, negotiations, etc.


I used to run a representative office in Taiwan. I had an inter-company agreement with the HQ abroad and invoiced them for our services here (cost+10%). The cost was essentially payroll + some admin expenses. This can also be VAT free if the HQ is abroad and services are provided internationally.

From what I understand a Reps office cannot generate an invoice and does not have to have a bank account, so how did you “manage” this?

Ahh sorry, I mixed up the vocabulary. I actually used a branch office entity. Apologies.

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No problem, thank you

I don’t believe there is a requirement to show revenue.

I am working through this right now and the whole reason we chose a rep office was no need to show revenue and not taxable as a result.