How can foreigners survive in Hsinchu?

I notice with a little bit surprise that quite a lot of foreginers are living in Hsinchu, from my observation, Hsinchu is not a well planned city & not internationalised (people don’t speak English). It just not like Taipei, so how can all those foreigners survive here? especially those came to Hsinshu because their spouse work here, what would they do to kill there time? is there any community/organisations to help them to get used to the life in such an old city - Hsinchu? :laughing:

I had the same questions a few years ago when I went out there for an interview in the industrial park, but after my visit I concluded it might not be so bad. They’ve got an Eslite bookstore and far more sexy binglang girls than Taipei. But one needs one’s own transportation, I learned, after exiting my interview and walking a few hundred meters across the vast industrial park before finally stopping at a guard station and asking them to call for a taxi for me. It may not be as bad as you (and I) suggest, but I suspect there’s some truth to your comments.

I’d imagine you can find some English speakers in Hsinchu. You can even find some in the small towns in Taiwan. Different people have different wants. Not every foreigner comes to the other side of the world looking for home comforts straight away.

Hsinchu is more internationalized than a few places I’ve lived in while in Taiwan.

A well planned city in Taiwan? Taipei isn’t really a well planned city either and there are people who don’t speak English there too. In most places outside Taipei, it is nearly a necessity to have your own transport.

There’s other threads somewhere on Forumosa that list organizations available for foreigners in Hsinchu.

Here’s a Hsinchu website I dug up using forumosa’s search engine: