How can I become an expat in Taiwan?

Hi all, I just graduated and in the process of finding work. I would like to work as an “expat” in Taiwan, so I was wondering if anyone knows any companies that have operations in Taiwan and are willing to send employees there to work (or local companies willing to hire “foreigners”), thanks. A little bit about myself:

  1. Dual Canadian/Taiwanese citizen
  2. Program of study: Computer Science, but I am not necessarily stuck on doing jobs in this field. I’m open to other opportunities.
  3. School: Top ranked university in Canada
  4. Internship + Co-op experience: 2 years including at a Fortune/Global 500 company (ranked in the top 100).

I appreciate any help, tips and pointers.

a) Companies don’t usually send junior people on expat packages to foreign countries. You may need to work up the seniority ladder.
b) Look for business areas in Taiwan for which you might have something to offer. Then go find North American companies that have business in those fields and apply to those companies specifically stated what you want and have to offer.
c) Seek out North Amercian companies that have contracts in Taiwan, but may have difficulty filled positions. You are an easy fit, especially if your Chinese is good, or even because you can claim so home turf advantage.
d) Go buy some books about finding expat jobs.
e) Research North American companies that are in Taiwan, and organizations, like Chambers of Commerce, Lions Club, etc. They have many links and connections that may offer you job leads as an expat.

Just a few tips and pointers off the top of my head…

You might trying applying directly at a Taiwan branch of a multi-national company. if you are Taiwanese citizen, you will be treated as such, especially since you don’t need a work permit.

Yeah but that means a local salary, which is probably something like 1/5 of what the expat salary would be.

Yeah but that means a local salary, which is probably something like 1/5 of what the expat salary would be.[/quote]

It might not be an expat salary, but doesn’t have to be a local salary. In Taiwan, my company pays less than the USA for the locals, but much more than a typical Taiwanese Company. So the OP might check out the salaries. If he speaks English and Mandarin, he should have a good shot. Problem would be going in person for an interview.

How much more would that be? Are there any ways around going in person for an interview like phone or skype or something? Ideally I would want a salary that is 45k+/month, or am I just dreaming? Also, my resume is currently in English only. Do I need to get a professional agency to translate it into Chinese? Which Taiwanese job sites do you guys recommend? I already know about 104.

It’s going to vary by company, but mine pays around 50%-70% of the US salary per month. It varies depending upon the position and experience. I have no idea if they do Skype, but I did do several phone interviews in the USA with people in Taiwan, so it seems possible. Though this is the opposite, hiring a person from West with the interviewers in Taiwan.

45k is reasonable. Post on 104. Try to find a recruiter firm though most patrol the 104 bank. Trying to interview by Skype may be block for some companies. If you have experience in labview or matlab there are some companies doing motion control or optical modeling. If pure SW coding maybe HTC or AUO would have some back end work but I am only familiar with their hardware operations.

Should I get my resume translated to Chinese before posting it on 104?

Well this reply is certainly long overdue but I posted English resume in 104 and I actually got some interview invitations.
Just that 104 only offers User Interface in Chinese so I got to struggle on figuring out the content and options… using google translate.
But for writing part, I only wrote in English.