How can i find my daughter in Taiwan?


Hi Everybody,

I have been looking for my daughter in Taiwan for past 7 years, how can i get in touch with the someone to find her. Her mother has refused to contact with me and i just want to talk to my daughter. I can’t visit Taiwan as i am overseas.

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Edit: Nevermind. Point well taken.


Thank you so much for your reply Drew, may God bless you. I have been looking for her for a long time. I still have their contact number but they are don’t speak english and think i am a spammer. Last time i checked they still lived there. This what i found about them online in the forum:
[Link redacted by moderator]
There has been an earth quake in taiwan and i don’t know if they are ok. I don’t have any pictures. I had them online but they are locked in a yahoo account i can’t get in. But i am willing to work hard and find them. Thank you for helping me.



I dont understand. According to the link you gave to the single parent forum, the person you are looking for wrote entirely in English.


Hi Sui, she speaks english but not her family, appreciate your help.

Thank you.


i dont think this is the proper place to be giving out personal information, especially on another person that is not yourself.

I think contacting the police or child services here in Taiwan would be more beneficial. We are taking the OPs word that he is who he says he is and that the situation is as he says it us. This situation involves another party who is not present to verify the facts and it involves a child.

Although Forumosans are great at helping those in need, this is not the correct place to give out personal info on other people.


Well first of all i don’t need to lie about anything. I am simple man trying to see my daughter and let her know that i am still looking for her. I don’t want her to feel that i didn’t care to find her. I used to talk with her and see her online while back but her mother has shut me off. Which i believe is very inhumane and she can’t just stop me from even talking with her. I don’t have any hidden agendas all i want is to locate my daughter and let her know that i am trying my best to talk to her. It’s not my fault that her mother doesn’t even let me talk to her. You would understand if it was your child, i promise you that. I don’t even know if she is ok, there is always some kind of disaster and i am left worrying about her. This is not fair! I appreciate your advice but intention is innocent and i can remove the information if this is a problem. I was asked to give it out and that’s why i published, i don’t want any problems for anyone. My intentions are very clear and i am not some kind of evil person who has other motives.



We don’t know you tamir or your intentions. Anyone can make up a story for a number of reasons. Not saying you are, but we are happy to point you the right direction on who and how you can find her. But not just have her personal information open and such.


It’s very difficult if the mother doesn’t want contact with you. In your situation I would start by PMing the other posters on the thread you linked to. However, it’s unlikely they are still active and if they are friends with the mother then they will not provide you with a contact. Also, you are seeking a contact with your child that bypasses the mother. That’s going to be very difficult to get. Are you sure that you have tried absolutely everything to win the mother over? That would be the best solution. Possibly offer some monthly support payments?


Hi Andrew thank you for replying,

I understand your point and i completely agree with you. I have been writing and calling for past 7 years and i am so frustrated right now, i can’t handle it sometime. I didn’t take this route before i am left with no choice but to ask on the web. I waited to 7 years, how long do i have to wait? I can remove the information if that’s what you are asking me and i truly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Any advice is greatly appreciated. And i am glad you are atleast trying to help me.

Thanks you


Hi Biggus
I have tried to create a profile on the website mentioned above but they have blacklisted my IP address since it’s outside of taiwan and they have asked me to wait until contacted. I really tried man, i really really tried and i am going to call them again tomorrow let see what they say. They can atleast tell me if they are ok. I am willing to work with her mom and talk to you about this. I am willing to do whatever she wants but punishing me for years like this is insane and inhumane. I am willing to do whatever she wants, all i want from her is to part of my child’s life, if she wants money i am more than happy to oblige and help out. I just want her to talk to me.

Thank you


You’re overestimating what the people on these forums are capable of. The guys on Taiwanease will have little if any contact with the mother of your child. You really should already be providing child support, which I suppose you could threaten to withhold if contact with your child is restricted. If you are not already providing child support then it’s understandable why the mother would withhold contact with your child. That would be my first port of call - offer a monthly payment without requesting contact. Then, a few months later, gently request contact.


Hi Biggus,

I have been paying all the expenses without any problems, but the issue was i got into an argument with her and she has shut me off since then, no contact what so ever. Not a single word from her, atleast a simple conversation can resolve anything but i don’t even have a contact with her. Things can go wrong in life and it happens when you least expect them, and people get into arguments and fight about things in life. I am not trying to send anyone to her door. I understand the status quo in Taiwan, but my daughter is growing up thinking i am not even trying to get intouch with her. I just want to reassure her that i am trying whatever the situation might be.



That’s easy, then. Just tell her that if you don’t have contact then you won’t pay the expenses. It’s hardball, but fair. Email her on the last address you had and then cut off payments. She’ll get back to you.


I can’t even get intouch with her, all i have is her grand mother’s phone number and nobody is willing to cooperate with me there. If i can get a word with her and talk to her i can make anything happen. My daughter must be all grown up now. I am more than happy to do anything what her mother likes. All i want is just to talk to her and that’s but that is proving to be impossible.
Appreciate your help


Cut off payments and see what happens.


I can’t make any payments cause she is not willing to talk to me. Not a single word just complete shut down. Like i said if i can have a word i’ll be happy to do whatever it takes.



Does that mean you’re not “paying all the expenses without any problems”, or has your ex decided she doesn’t want any money from you?


I haven’t paid anything since she has shut me off. She doesn’t want anything from me and want her to be left alone. Thanks Biggus i appreciate your help, i can’t reply to you as i have reached maximum number of replies.



In which case I can’t think of any solution to your problem. Sorry, hopefully someone else has a better idea.