How can I find or request my Taiwan birth registration? (born overseas)

Is it possible for me to request a search for my Taiwan birth certificate or registration? I am American born Chinese, but traveled to Taiwan when I was younger where I believe my birth my registered. I recall being told I had a Taiwan passport when I was younger, which is something I am desperately trying to acquire now. As someone who is over 18/21+ is it possible to find this information without needing parental permission or their information/documents?

I have access to my US birth certificate which states my parent names and their Taiwanese nationality. I can also provide their names in Chinese, date of birth (which is also on my birth certificate), and also know the Chinese names of some of their siblings.

Previously, I was trying to apply for a NWHOR passport from scratch (Is my birth certificate enough?) but if my birth was registered as a child I should automatically qualify if I can find my Taiwan birth certificate?

You say you are Chinese. Why are you trying to get a Taiwanese passport?

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I decided to use ABC as a more well known acronym to describe that I was born overseas. If you read my post, I clarify that my parents are Taiwanese.

“I have access to my US birth certificate which states my parent names and their Taiwanese nationality.”

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Did you already ask to TECO in US or HHR in Taiwan?

It seems some people just call HHR office with their parents names and dates of birth, then HHR office tells you if they have hukou or not. I guess they could also tell you if you are registered in their hukou.

Is there a main HHR I should call, or is there one that caters to registered oversea births? I did e-mail the Household Registration Office where I believe my mother is from but haven’t gotten a response yet but I’ll try calling.

What do you know about where in Taiwan you were registered? Was it in Taipei? Do you know which district in Taipei?

no, there’s not such office.

They may be very slow to reply to e-mail at the best, or it could be possible they don’t reply to e-mail at all.

It is much better you call them.

yes, if you know the office, I think it is the best place to call.

I think any office in Taipei has the records for all of Taipei. If that is true, if you were registered in Taipei, you can call any office in Taipei.