How can I get a refund from a dodgy travel agent in Hsinchu?

Based on a friend’s recommendation we booked some flight tickets from a travel agent named Mr. Kamal from Hsinchu. He had said that he owns the India Town restaurant there.

It has been 3 weeks since we gave him the money but he is refusing to give us the issued tickets.

He never picks the calls and whenever he picks the call he has a new promise about issuing tickets. All we have is his restaurant address. If you know anything about this agent please send me PM. I want to go to Hsinchu to get the money back from him but I don’t know his address.

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It’s actually a pretty popular restaurant (especially amongst Indian expats) here in Hsinchu. Been there a few times myself.

If Mr. Kamal is indeed the owner, you will have no trouble finding the restaurant and the person in charge.

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Er… how did you find and contact this Mr Kamal?

got his contact from the referring friend.

I don’t see any results on google pointing to this guy. Does he have a website or anything?

he’s posting on Trip Advisor as the manager of said restaurant. Pretty clear you should just rock up to the restaurant.


I have got another testimonial about this agent from an acquaintance and he mentioned some of his negative experiences (had to pay extra money at airline counter while checkin, cancelled ticket but money not returned to client etc.).

Also I got PM from someone who said that he delays the tickets but that he never faced any problem for flights.

Anyway, I will update if I get more information. Guess I will have to buy the HSR ticket to Hsinchu and get some of my money back.

Is it really necessary these days for anyone to get flight tickets for you?


I know, I know! I have always booked online from airline websites. But this time I was lured by a friend’s referral for cheap flight tickets. Had I known such troubles would ensue I would not have booked with this agent!


I am linking here a travel.stackexchange thread I had started wrt this agent.

Full text of the question:

What does your “friend” whom referred you say about this?

The friend himself got burned today. He had a flight today and this agent told him last minute that his ticket won’t be confirmed and he can’t do anything about it. The agent said he will “try to return the money” by month end. Ha!

I have no idea what to do! Another acquaintance advised me that the agent will not return the money even if you come to Hsinchu. :frowning:

Quick question: If I go to a police station in Hsinchu today, would one of them accompany me when I meet this agent? What will I have to do to convince police to come with me?

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You will probably have to prove that a crime was committed and that you are the victim. So basically you have to prove that you paid for tickets and will not receive them.

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I might contact to them.






Thanks. I found this english form

It asks to choose a “receiving agency”. I’m not sure whether to choose it from my address or the agent’s address.

Will try to gather more information from other links.

Was the deal that good? Why not just use LionTravel or another big brand? Or an online service like Expedia?

I didn’t know that it would turn out this way. I thought it was a simple matter of paying and getting ticket in hand in a few days. Only later did I came to know that he always issues tickets at last minute. See the stackexchange thread.

But I mean, how much less compared to any of the local outlets? There are many kinds of tickets issued and quite some sales out there, but even local well established agencies have been known to drop the ball ocassionally.

15% less compared to cheapest price I saw online.