How can I get an ARC for me and my family

Our family plans to move to Taiwan in mid-2010 and we want to enroll the kids in local schools for the fall semester. Mom and Dad plan to study Mandarin at NTU (both speak a bit already). We’ve been working for fifteen years in Asia, and can support ourselves while in Taiwan (i.e. we don’t need jobs) but we have visited several local schools and they’ve said for the kids to attend they have to have ARCs BEFORE they can even get onto wait lists.

Problem though, is how to get an ARC without having first lived there for a while - it takes at least four months from what I read on forums of living there as a “student” before you can apply for an ARC. We don’t want the kids to have to wait around six months to start school!

Is it possible to get ARCs without first living in Taiwan? Can anyone point me to an immigration lawyer or other person that maybe able to provide professional advice on the subject?

If none of you are Taiwan citizen it is impossible.
If one of you get a work permit in Taiwan they rest of the family will get an ARC. Normally limited to 3 years unless the spouse is from Mainland China.

You do not have to be a Taiwan Citizen for kids to go to local schools. You are quite wrong on that.

I know many epxat familes that could not afford the international schools that put kids in local schools.

Do you have your own business? If so, start a representative office if you intend to work here, even if the work isn’t coming from Taiwanese companies. It’ll set you back about NT$30k all in with the ARC. You can read a bit more about it here viewtopic.php?f=88&t=43055