How can I get money from US Bank acct with no debit card (Paypal?) Urgent

OK. I have a bank account in the states with no debit card, crazy credit union rules. It’s connected to Paypal though and I’ve transferred money in and out with no problem.

I have a Taiwan Bank account. Is it possible to connect a Paypal account to that?
Then, I can just send myself some money.
What happens when I send US dollars to Taiwanese paypal account.? How much will I be charged or for the conversion.

It sounds like it would work for you to create a Paypal account and link it to your Taiwanese bank account. I figure it will be a hassle to set up and you need to contend with the 2 fees - (1) to send money from your US Paypal to your TW Paypal, and (2) to pull down from your TW Paypal to your TW bank account.

Since this is urgent, you are better off sending money from your US Paypal to the Paypal of someone you know in Taiwan and work out a fair exchange rate.

Send money from your account via western union. Link your account at home to western union and then you can send money to yourself and pick it up here. Or if you have a credit card with cash advance capability, merely log into Western Union, use credit card to send money to yourself, and then pick up at a local western union office.

so paypal is still dead here? thats a massive pain in the ass.

E. sun bank is paypal’s partner here

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Can you initiate an online money transfer (SWIFT) from your US account?

Option B would be to connect it to some kind of BTC exchange like Coinbase (there are others – Google them). Once it’s connected you can withdraw funds and convert them into BTC. Then open up an account at a local exchange here called Maicoin, which you can connect to your TW account quite easily. Then send the BTC to your Maicoin wallet. Easy, peasy and cheaper than Paypal!

So, I could ge the funds in Taiwan dollars? How long would this take?
How do I get the money out of my Maicoin wallet? I live in rural Taiwan with only the three or four major banks.

You link your Maicoin account to your TW bank.

I think coinbase takes 1-2 days to verify new accounts on the US side, but the Bitcoin transfer between wallets is nearly instant. Usually 30 mins

Western Union is not linked to Paypal.

OK, I’ve got my Maicoin account here. Now, how would I go about linking my US Bank to an exchange since I’m in Taiwan and can’t physically go there and sign any papers…
I bet my geolocation would throw a monkey wrench in the whole thing.

My grim experience with E.Sun Bank is that their Paypal system is totally broken.

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Circle is another option:

No need to sign any papers. They verify your US account by depositing a small amount and you verify the amount online.

Can’t you connect your Taiwanese debit account to Paypal China, and dump it to your other Foreign Paypal, and withdraw the money?

That’s what I do in Mainland China.

I’ve connected my CCB account to PRC Paypal. I Paypal my friend, he sends it to my American Paypal. I dump the money into my savings / checking.

Does that work in Taiwan?


Sorry for the shouting… things never work when you need them. I have a US bank account that won’t give me a card unless I open checking. I have no access to my US money because of what Paypal is doing with this Geoshit and the fact that they won’t even answer skype calls and more. …
I just need around 33 US dollars to get sent to me now and perhaps open a chain for future transfers.
Did you know that you can’t add funds in Paypal in Taiwan from a bank. WTF…
But you can freely withdraw money to you E-sun account and to any US bank account too. That’s exactly the opposite of what I need.
The bit coin looks like the best solution…
Sorry, I’m so frustrated and angry now…
I have to send them a photo of my APRC, Maicom that is. Is that sufficiant? How long until approval?
So far 1 I created an account. 2. Verified my cell phone. Next I will send the ID. Third I will attach it to my new E-sun account that I will get. Or is there an other way to cash out the bit coin.

That should do it. Just get your local account connected with Maicoin, then fund Coinbase with your US account (via ACH transfer). Then send over the coins!

Hi, I’m curious about your experiences using a US credit union bc I’m thinking of opening an account in CA to transfer money to from Wells Fargo. I’m thinking sort of as a secondary savings account. The Wells scams are causing me to lose trust.
Regarding your money transfer problems: from ROC>US, I used to buy AMX checks from FCB Taiwan bank in USD, make the check out to myself and my Wells account number, include a letter, and send them through the mail to be deposited there. Obviously keep the paperwork if its lost in transit. This avoids the SWIFT fees.
My problem is when I have to cash a US check here. The fees are too high. E.g. the NYC clearing fee plus FCB came to $50US.
I also use US Paypal to buy things in the US. I don’t use it in Taiwan. The $50 Kindle has been a great investment for me and my eyes.

how does the E-sun paypal linking work? is it a long process to send the money? im currently trying to think of new ways to send money here as the pound is DEAD right now so its pretty depressing to send money through a uk bank account.

Paypal is giving me a freaking headache. I just threw up my hands and walked away. If I need money, I’ll panic then. Paypal and my bank have been relying on Geolocation and some how making it hard to use VOIP services. That would mean, I would be spending a ton of money on the home phone just waiting for hold.

Somehow I was flagged for a geolocation problem with Paypal and they won’t let me contribute money from my bank anymore. Let’s not talk about the almost thirteen years I never had a problem. Even after proving who I am, and the customer service rep, the system manager and all entering the information, they said the SYSTEM FEELS IT DOESN"T WANT TO GRANT AN EXCEPTION. They talk of the system as if it was a god or like the computer in Star Trek OS Tralane.
They can lobby the system but the system is in charge.
I’ve got a Taiwan Bitcoin account. I was in the process of linking it to a bank and getting an American one linked to my American Bank account, but I got so “apathetic” I just stopped. I should do it this weekend.
Regarding a US bank, you need a real US address it seems, at least for my two US banks a savings bank and a credit union. You can have an alternate address to have you documents mailed to but you need a verified US address as the master address. I still have not been able to get my new bank card mailed to me. I’m sure I could but I just got so frustrated, I stopped talking for about a month or so. I’ll get on it.

Re Seeker’s message: I sympathize bc I’m in a similar boat. US PayPal used to act independently from Wells and would deduct charges from my PayPal balance that I would top off with my Wells account. Then the workflow changed. Now when I buy something online PayPal seems to deduct directly from Wells. I sense its a security check.
I don’t use Bitcoin bc I like real money.
I use a relatives US address and was able to open a Credit Union account but I sense it is rudimentary and not internet online banking ready. So that’s all right for me.
If you need to deal with a US address there’s company that addresses this. NV was a state where residency was easier. I guess bc you don’t have to file state returns if your an expat. But confirm this. I thought the fees were too high for the mail forwarding service.
I recommend this website:
Its the best US financial expat source I’ve found. I don’t invest money with them, but they have the right focus and give lots of good information. The articles on the site are worth reading bc most Americans in the US don’t have a clue what expats face outside the Matrix.
I also recommend Taxes for Expats business if you have US income. I use their services. Please mention me if you sign up. I’ll send you my email if you decide to hire them.
Hope this helps. Please share if you find better info out there.

You need a VPN man. That way you can avoid geolocation issues. Try TunnelBear. Bit too late now that your PayPal account is already locked down.
Seems like you need to avoid PayPal altogether. Find a BTC exchange website that accepts payment via transfer from a US bank account. Coinbase probably allows this. Purchase BTC using the bank transfer method, then fund your Maicon wallet using that BTC.
Otherwise, get the SWIFT code for international transfer from your Taiwanese bank account and transfer money directly between your US bank account and Taiwanese bank account via international money transfer.