How can I get my ARC extended?

I have been studying in Taiwan since september. My ARC expires in late June. I want to stay in Taiwan until late July, then go back to the states. Is it possible to extend my ARC for a month without leaving the country. If possible, how do I do this? My visa doesn’t have an expiration date, just my ARC. I just want to do some traveling around Taiwan before I go home. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for all the help… =(

Hi, mate!
As far as I know, there is a certain grace period of stay after your ARC expires. You need to report your situation to the police station where your ARC is registered though, and they will advise further. However, I don’t think this grace period is long enough e.g.: 1 week only). SO, my advice is to go out for a visa run (HK?) and apply for a tourist visa (30-60 days).

Thanks Greentea!